A Lovely Wedding Photo Session with Laura and Giorgio.

Wedding Photo Shoot in Bracciano

Bracciano near Rome
26 June 2020

A Romantic Wedding Photo Shoot in the beautiful town of Bracciano with Laura and Giorgio

If you're looking for a quaint and yet elegant location for your wedding, Bracciano could be the perfect choice. A small town just a few miles northwest of Rome, Bracciano, renouned for its volcanic lake and exquisite medieval castle, is also famous for its stunning landscape and its relaxed and countryside atmosphere. Giorgio knew this when he picked the most scenic location overlooking the Bracciano Lake for their wedding proposal. So Bracciano seemed the most logical and definitely the most romantic choice for Giorgio and Laura's wedding. And on a beautiful morning towards the end of June, our beautiful couple exchanged their vows in a civil ceremony, down at Bracciano Town Hall. After the ceremony, the couple and I made our way to the proposal site and then to the lake where I spent some time taking romantic couple images while the guests were having appetizers at the venue where the reception would take place. After an hour or so, we joined the guests at the restaurant where I took advantage of a beautiful pocket of light and shot a few more pictures of the newly-weds with friends and family.

Bracciano, with its volcanic lake and medieval castle, is a gorgeous and iconic location for both Weddings and Surprise Proposals

Wedding Photo Gallery

Some of the highlights from the Wedding Session with Laura and Giorgio

Arrival of the bride in Bracciano
Bride entering the Comune withe a young ring bearer and her brother-in-law
Groom putting the wedding band on the bride's finger
Bride putting the wedding ring on the groom's finger
Reading during a civil wedding ceremony in Bracciano
Groom signing the wedding papers during a civil ceremony
Bride signing the wedding papers during a civil ceremony
Pregnant bride and her groom
Husband and wife, newly wed
Detail of the wedding bouquet
Close-up of bride and groom
Lovely newly-weds at the Bracciano Lake with a beautiful swan in the background
Radiant bride with her groom at the Bracciano Lake
Stunning pregnant bride at the Bracciano Lake
Disarming smile of a beautiful bride during a wedding photo shoot at the Bracciano Lake
Bride and Groom during a romantic wedding photo shoot in Bracciano
Newly-Weds celebrate their happiness in Bracciano
Groom holding the bride's hand during their wedding photo shoot in Bracciano
A happy bride and groom in Bracciano
Detail of a beautiful wedding bouquet


Kind Words from our Client

I could not have asked for a better experience for my wedding photos.

I could not have asked for a better experience for my wedding photos. To start, Luca was very kind and considerate of my needs and the event. My wedding was initially cancelled because of Covid19, but then the possibility of a small wedding became possible. Luca was very understanding of the date changes. He prepared well in advance, asking if there were any particular locations or types of poses which we'd like and gathered some information on the type of wedding it was. He came to my wedding early, with a mask and extremely well prepared. He was also very polite and helpful towards my guests in creating the best photos. He is professional and thorough on several levels. He made sure to perfect the direction of light, our body posture and poses. He was also considerate in making the most complimentary poses for me, as I was seven months pregnant at the time. Our pictures were sent to us in high and low resolution within two weeks and communication was constant, clear and courteous. Luca was also very flexible in time and price. I'd highly recommend him and his staff for any type of event. Thank you!
12 July 2020
— Laura Cahall

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