Extra Services

Add-on Services to complement your photo shoot
We, at ShootRome, always go the extra mile to create the best possible experience for your photo shoot in the Eternal City. For your convenience, we provide add-on services that will complement your photo shoots in the Eternal City. Champagne, beautiful bouquets of flowers, musicians, are only some of the extras you may request for your surprise proposal in Rome. If you're having a Sposi Novelli photo shoot, why not consider having Hair-Stylist and Makeup Artist to make sure you look at your very best. You may also wish to have a beautiful and elegant slideshow of your photo shoot in Rome. Be reminded that Rome is rather large and that private transportation is always available to you as an valuable add-on to your photo session in the Eternal City.

Safe & Reliable Partners

At ShootRome, we pride ourselves on employing only the best professionals in their jobs to guarantee exceptional, consistent and memorable results. Be reminded that transportation is always an option at your disposal. Registration on our Rome Portrait Tours and Sessions implies the full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.

Cinematic Slideshows

Let the Most Romantic and Elegant Slideshow Tell Your Story

Take the experience of your photoshoot in Rome to a whole new level with one of our slideshows. Slideshows are a wonderful way to share your images and clips of your special event with friends and family, in an elegant video format. We a have selection of romantic templates suitable for honeymoons, marriage proposals, engagements and weddings too. Music is of course an important component of any slideshow, and you can use any song of choice or a royalty-free song to be able to upload the video on the web. Have a look at the Slideshow Gallery below and be ready to be impressed.

Slideshow Gallery

Cinematic slideshows that will capture the essence of your special event

Photo Slideshow 1

Photo Slideshow 2

Bohemian Memories 1

Bohemian Memories 2

Bohemian Memories 3

Bohemian Memories 4

Bohemian Wedding

Wedding Memories B&W

Elegant Brush

Beautiful Day

Gallery Wall

Hair & Makeup

For Brides, Bridemaids and Bachelorettes

Whatever your special occasion, you may wish to look at your very best. This is why we offer Bridal Hair & Makeup for Weddings, Sposi Novelli, and Honeymoon photo shoots. We have a number talented professional makeup artists and hair-stylists who will make sure that you will look at your absolutely best for your photo shoot in Rome. Upon request, they may even be present during your photoshoot to provide assistance and deal with small touch-ups.


Flowers and Bouquets

Flowers carry a powerful symbolism when it comes to love and romance. So floral compositions and bouquets are wonderful and timeless tokens that set the mood and create the perfect romantic atmosphere, especially for wedding propsals. Offering a bouquet is not the only way you can use flowers in your romantic special event. Floral decorations, along with candles for instance, are an excellent mood-setter in an indoor scenario. We can offer a plethora of floral opportunities for your special event.

Champagne, Spumante and Prosecco

Fancy Bubbles for your Special Occasion

On special occasions, upon request, we may be able to provide fancy bubbles to celebrate your special moment in style. Bottles will be provided reasonbly chilled along with disposable flute glasses. Selection of wines and champagnes varies with seasons, so do send us a message for further information.


Professional Musicians

Our romantic life is often defined by special songs bond us together. It's not uncommon for couples to have one or more than one special song that has a special place in a couple's romantic history. Having a violinist, a cello player, or even a small ensable will create the perfect atmosphere for your special event, whether it be a honeymoon, a wedding, or a marriage proposal photo shoot in Rome. We, at ShootRome, have teamed up with professional musicians and artists who will, upon request, play your special songs or pieces of music. Do note musicians are not allowed to play at places of historical and archeological importance. Do contact us for furhter information.



We can also offer the opportunity to have one or two videographers during your marriage proposal photo shoot or wedding. Videos of special events are more immersive to the viewer and can be uploaded on social networks to reach a wider audience, or in case of surprise proposals, can be played at the wedding, to share the raw emotions of moment with friends and family. We team up with professional video-makers who share our vision and style for beautiful and cinematic story-telling.


Private Transportation

Rome is the largest capital city in Europe and for longer photo shoots that involve more two or more locations that are not within walking distance from each other, private transportation may provide the most efficient way to get to your favourite locations. Private transportation is especially advised for photo shoots that are longer than 2 hours, as the minimal rental time is 3 hours.

Express Image Delivery

Our standard Image Delivery Time is two weeks for low-resolution images and 3 weeks for the high-resolution ones. While this waiting time is perfectly acceptable for most of our clients, some require express images delivery. This can usually vary and is proportional to the amount of images, but a client can expect a 48h to 96h express delivery time. Do request Express Image Delivery while booking your photoshoot, as it may not be guaranteed afterwards.

Professional Prints

Premium-Quality Printing Services

In this day and age, where everything is digital, we appreciate the value of tangible memories. As an extra, we offer our clients premium-quality prints, delivered anywhere in the world. We rely upon prefessional printing labs that are renouned for their consistency and astounding work. Contact us for further information.