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Rome Vacation Photographer, Italy

Welcome to Rome, The Eternal City

You're in Rome, or planning a few days here, for a well-deserved vacation or to celebrate your anniversary, your engagement, or a happy event, and you're just looking to hire a professional photographer in Rome to capture great memories of your stay. It's a splendid idea to have a professional photographer halt time and craft beautiful memories of you in the Eternal City. Let's face it, whether you're with your partner, with your friends or travelling solo, selfies do not really tell the whole story.

They certainly won't tell the story of love or friendship you share. There'll be no vision, no soul, and in most cases those smiles will be fake. During our Portrait Photo Sessions, our goal is to capture your connection with each other, your love for life, and your passion for travel, with Rome as your iconic backdrop. We'll help you crystallize precious memories of your stay in Rome you will cherish for years to come. Super LGBT-friendly.

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Why Us

We are creative and passionate about what we do. We want to change the way you capture your stay in the Eternal City by providing a fun and unique experience with an impeccable service. We strongly believe that everyone deserves beautiful and iconic photographs of their holiday in Rome.

The candid, natural and classic look in our imagery is indeed what has come to be and defines our very own signature-style. It's a distinctive mark of our iconic and timeless portrait photography. But style without emotion means nothing, hence our ultimate goal is capture your emotional connection.

Vacation Photo Shoots in Rome

This gallery features our most recent Rome Holiday Photo Shoots. Find inspiration and use it as a reference for your choice of locations and style of photography.

A Couple Vacation Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain
Vacation, Couple
Vacation Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain

A beautiful day at the Trevi Fountain with Karen & Alex, a sweet couple from the States, who picked the Trevi Fountain for its beauty and grandeur.

A Couple Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain, Capitoline Hill, and Colosseum
Vacation, Couple
Vacation Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain

A very charming and elegant couple from Mexico, who wanted to be portrayed at Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum.

An Iconic Vacation Photo Session at the Colosseum
Vacation, Solo
An Iconic Vacation Photo Shoot in Rome.

Afsana picked the perfect day for a shoot. A clear sky and a beautiful sun were the right premises for light and airy photos.

How to Plan for the Perfect Rome Vacation Photo Session

A million questions must be going through your mind right now. You want your Vacation or Couple Photo Shoot to be perfect and you probably think there's a ton of decisions to be made.

I want to reassure you because we have outlined a beautiful process to help you with your Rome Vacation Photo Session, so that we can deliver timeless images. For us to deliver on your vision, we need you to answer these questions.

  • How many images do you expect to get from your Rome Vacation Photo Shoot ?
  • How long do you plan on hiring a professional photographer for your photo shoot ?
  • Do you know which locations you'd like to photographed at ?
  • How are you budgeting for your beautiful memories to take shape ?

If you don't know the answer to all these questions, don't worry, because this what we are here for. Use our Gallery page to find inspiration for your vacation photo shoot in Rome.

Whether you're still searching for your Rome Vacation Photographer, or you have already booked your Rome Photo session with ShootRome, head over to our guide on How to Plan The Perfect Vacation Photo Shoot in Rome. You'll find a wealth of information to guide you through the ins and outs of a Photo Shoot in Rome with Shootrome.

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