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Vacation photos for Couples, Solo Travellers, and Friends in the Eternal City

Rome, the Eternal City. You're in one of the most charming and romantic cities in the world. Whether you're here for a well-deserved holiday or to celebrate your happiness, you should let a Travel & Vacation Photographer in Rome take you to the most suggestive and instagrammable locations where to capture great memories of your stay. These days, Instagram-worthy photos are quintessential for travel. Hence, a Rome Photo Shoot becomes a splendid idea to halt time and have a beautiful keepsake of you in the Eternal City. Let's face it, whether you're with your partner, with your family, with your friends or travelling solo, selfies do not really tell the whole story. They certainly won't tell your story of love or friendship, and neither will match the quality of photographs taken by a professional photographer. There'll be no vision, no soul, and in most cases those smiles will be fake. During our Vacation portrait sessions, our goal is to capture your connection with each other, your love for life, and your passion for travel. The Eternal City will provide the iconic backdrop of the perfect romantic Photo Shoot, a dream come true for many couples. Together we'll create wonderful memories you will cherish for years to come.

We, at ShootRome, value diversity and equality and are super LGBTQ-friendly.

Couple Photo Shoots in Rome

Personal Vacation Photographer for Couples in the Eternal City

While you're in Rome, renowned for its stunning views, scenic rooftops, and beautiful sunsets, treat yourselves to a Couple Photo Shoot with a personal Rome Photographer. It is indeed the perfect occasion to capture romantic memories, explore the city with a local and get a timeless souvenir of your holiday in the Eternal City. For the perfect Rome Photo Shoot, find the best Couple Photographer in Rome whose style resonates most with you. Why not take our crazy Romantic Photo Shoot Tour ?! Whatever your style or personality, our ultimate goal is to capture those elusive moments that happen when lovers are together, document your love story and give you a taste of our beautiful city.

Couple Photo Session Gallery

Couple on Vacation in Villa Borghese
Couple Vacation
Vacation Photo Shoot in Villa Borghese with Elaine and Sajjad

Elaine and Sajjad during their Vacation Photo Session in Villa Borghese in Rome

A Couple Vacation Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain
Couple Vacation
Vacation Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain

A beautiful day at the Trevi Fountain with Karen & Alex, a sweet couple from the States, who picked the Trevi Fountain for its beauty and grandeur.

A Vacation Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain and Colosseum
Couple Vacation
Vacation Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain

A very charming and elegant couple from Mexico, who wanted to be portrayed at Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum.

To request further information on a Couple Photoshoot in Rome or on how to book your Couple Photographer in Rome, do Contact Us.

Romantic Photo Shoot Tour in Rome

The most romantic kissing photo tour in the world

Here's the craziest Couple Photo Shoot in Rome featuring the most romantic itinerary ever. Take 5 iconic locations, a beautiful loving couple, a fun Rome Photographer and you have the perfect combination for a great experience and a lot of fun. In 3 hours we'll cover the most iconic spots at the Colosseum, the Capitoline Hill, Piazza Venezia, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. All you have to do is kiss at these locations, as passionately as you can, and let your love show!

Photo Shoots for Solo Travellers

Book Your Own Private Solo Travel Photoshoot In Rome

Solo Travel can be such a life-changing and empowering experience. You find and test yourself at all times, make friends you probably wouldn't have, you get to know your strengths and weaknesses too. However joyous and edifying travelling on your own can be, having to document your joy and happyness can become a bit of a complication, especially because selfies do not tell the whole story. Granted you can have strangers to take pictures of you while traveling solo, but that can be cumbersome if not frustrating.

It would be much easier and more rewarding to ask a local photographer with a friendly attitude, to accompany you around town for an hour or two, so you can have your adventure captured in beautiful images. Wouldn't it?! While in Eternal City, open up to the possibility of hiring a Solo Traveller Photographer in Rome, with great local knowledge, for your own private vacation photoshoot in Rome with us. We'll be honored to help you explore the Eternal City and get beautiful photos and timeless memories of your Roman Holiday.

Solo Traveller Photo Session Gallery

A fun vacation photo shoot at the Trevi Fountain and Capitoline Hill
Solo Vacation Editorial

A Solo Traveller Photoshoot at the Trevi Fountain and Capitoilne Hill very early in the morning.

Solo Traveller throws a coin into the Trevi Fountain in Rome
Solo Vacation
A Solo Traveller Photo Shoot in the heart of Rome

Aparna during her Solo Traveller Photo Session in the Eternal City

A fashion and editorial vacation photo shoot at the Colosseum
Solo Vacation Fashion Editorial
A Solo Traveller Photoshoot at the Colosseum

Daenna, a bubbly girl, in an upbeat fashion and editorial vacation shoot at the Colosseum.

Among the extras we offer is Hair & Make-up for a truly VIP experience. We partner with amazing artists with a ton of experience, who will make sure you'll look at your very best.

For further information on how to book your Vacation Photo Shoot for Solo Travellers, do Contact Us.

Friends on Vacation Photo Shoots

Book Your Own Friends Photoshoot In Rome

Nothing is more fun and uplifting than going on holiday with your best friends. Whether it's just you with your best friend or with a large group of friends, having a vacation photographer for a few hours with you is possibly the best way to remember your wild time in Rome.

Finding an fun activity or a great itinerary off the beaten track then becomes essential to success of your Friends Photoshoot in Rome. Drop us a line, we'll be more than heppy to help you organise your friends photo shoot in the Eternal City.

Friends Photo Session Gallery

A group friends during a vacation photo session in Trastevere, Rome
Friends Vacation
Photo Shoot of friends on Vacation in Trastevere.

A leisurely afternoon photo shoot with friends to remember the time together in Rome.

For further information on how to book your Photo Shoot for Friends on Vacation, do Contact Us.

Hire your personal Vacation Photographer in Rome for iconic images of your stay in the Eternal City!

Find out more about how a local photographer can capture fun and great vacation photos of your time in Rome.

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Why Us

Our clients absolutely love our Vacation Photography because ...

We are creative and passionate about what we do. We want to change the way you capture your holiday in the Eternal City, providing a fun and unique experience with an impeccable service. There's more! We strongly believe that everyone deserves beautiful and iconic photographs of their holiday in Rome. Browse our Gallery Page and choose us for the candid, natural and classic look that is what has come to be our very own signature-style. It's a distinctive mark that defines our iconic and timeless portrait photography. But style without emotion means nothing, hence, with you, our ultimate goal will be to capture your emotional connection on camera.

7 Reasons To Book A Vacation Photographer in Rome

Proudly a Rome Photographer

Professional Photography Gear

Unless you're a professional photographer, for you vacation photos in Rome, you will have to rely on small cameras or most likely on your mobile phones. We, on the other hand, use professional gear, multiple lenses, speedlights, and we do have an eye for composition. It's not at all easy to take great vacation pictures, and our knowledge and experiece will yield far better results, and guarantee memories you can proudly share with friends and family.

Selfies are fun, but ...

They will never tell the whole story. Have you noticed how selfies are all similar to one another ? That's because selfies and smartphones in general, do not capture background very well, which means it's very hard to contextualize your surroundings. Would you really want that for your memorable trip album ?

Insider Knowledge

Vacation Photography is all about insider knowledge and you simply cannot beat the locals. We know the city inside out, every corner and every cobblestone, and the best backdrops for your iconic Rome Photo Shoot. We'll also be able to recommend food and entertainment off the beaten tourist track.

Professionally Edited Images

50% of the work is done in the field, the remaining 50% is done in post-production. All images will be professionally edited and corrected for colour, luminosity, contrast, highlights and shadows, colour temperature and framing where necessary. Photo-editing software will not be employed to alter physical appearances or traits of our clients.

Posing Guidance

I don't know about you, but I'm no model. As the 99.9% of clients. However, you can totally rely on our guidance to make your poses look natural and candid. We'll share with you all the tips and tricks we know of. You will be amazed at how natural the images look.

We Speak English and Italian

We speak the local language and English too. Mark my words. No macaronic English here. Italian is our native language and you can rely on it during the entire photo shoot. And if you have a thing for British English, you may well count yourself in!

Ultimately it's all about the Experience

Our topmost priority, besides taking the most iconic images of you, is to make sure that your experience with us, from browsing our website to your actual Rome Vacation Photo Shoot, is a pleasant, fun and ultimately rewarding one. We genuinely care about our clients and want them to return home with amazing memories.

Looking for a Rome Photographer for your family photos in the Eternal City!

Hire us as your personal Family Photographer in Rome.

Family Photos in Rome

Vacation Photo Shoot Extras

On all of our Rome Vacation Photo Shoots you can expect an unrivalled level of service, courtesy and efficiency.


Slideshows are a wonderful way to share your images and clips of your special event with friends and family, in an elegant video format. Choose a template from our selection of elegant and romantic slideshows that will beautifully feature images of your choice from your photoshoot in Rome.

Hair & Make-up

Upon request, we have a number of talented artists and stylists who are very experienced with our style of shooting and will make sure your Hairstyle and Makeup complement your style and skin tones, to achieve the most natural and photogenic look.


Rome is vast and not all locations are within walking distance of one another. Private transportation is indeed the most efficient way to get about the city. Please enquire about the optional transportation service during booking.

Express Image Delivery

Should you wish to receive both low and high resolution images within 96 hours of the shoot, do request the optional express image delivery service at the time of booking. The service is available at extra fee.

Consider hiring us as your Rome Vacation Photographer for a leisurely portrait tour in the beautiful Rome downtown area

How to Plan for the Perfect Vacation Photo Shoot in Rome

A tried-and-tested process that will allow you to get ready for your photo session in the Eternal City

Planning is of the essence if you wish to have the perfect Vacation Photos of your stay in Rome. For this reason, we have put together an easy tried-and-tested process that will allow you to get ready for your photo session in the Eternal City.

Our aim is to help you maximize the return of investment on your Rome Vacation Photo Session, so that we can deliver timeless images.

For truly iconic results, we highly encourage you to consider the following:

  • Get a feel for our signature-style. Visit our Gallery page for locations and style.
  • Pick the locations that best speak to you. The Colosseum, the Pincio Gardens, the Spanish Steps are only some of iconic locations Rome offers. View our Map for a more comprehensive list. More on it later.
  • Nothing tells a story better than an inspiration board. Save all the beautiful images that resonate with you and share the board with us. Pinterest is one such great tool.
  • Variety is paramount especially in fun and creative photo shoots, so you're encouraged to bring as many props as you can.
  • Attire goes with the attitude. Dress nicely or smartly and colourful, making sure your style and colours are balanced.
  • Connection is king. This one should come easy. Kissing and connecting to each other, showing your real love for one another will make all the different in the world.
  • Plan your photo shoot like a Pro. Here's a tried and tested guide on How to Plan the Perfect Photo Session in Rome. For epic and blissful results.
  • Book your Vacation Photoshoot now. Contact us.

Get the most our of your Rome Photo Shoot.

Find out more on
How to Plan the Perfect Vacation Photoshoot in Rome
with ShootRome.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us with further queries

How / When Will I Get the Photos ?

Your photos will be delivered via WeTrasfer or Mozilla Send roughly after two or three weeks from the shoot, depending on the amount of images produced.

Can a change of clothing be arranged during a photo session ?

Absolutely! However consider the following. A change of clothing is always a great idea because it adds variety to your Rome photos. During a 2-hour Portrait Session the change of clothing can take place in a public restroom. While it's feasible during a 1-hour Photo Shoot, it's not advisable as it would take precious time away from the shoot. A car or a minivan, besides providing extra confort, can also be used to get changed during trasfers from one location to the other.

Can I pay by credit card ?

Yes, you can! After signing the contract, we'll send you an email with a link which will direct you to Stripe, a platform that allows to receive payments over the Internet. It's safe and secure.

How do I plan the Perfect Rome Photoshoot ?

It's funny that you should ask that because we have laid down the perfect guide that oulines a tried-and-tested process to the Perfect Portait shoot in Rome. Find out more on How to Plan the Perfect Vacation Photoshoot in Rome with ShootRome.

How many images can I expect from a Photoshoot in Rome ?

You may expect an average of up to 20 / 25 images per hour. However the total number of images may vary depending on several factors. Please note that this is just an average and not a limit.

Will my images be edited ?

You can rest assured that all images delivered are professionally edited and corrected for luminosity, contrast, colour temperature and can be cropped if necessary. We will not alter physical appearances or traits of the clients with our photo-editing software.

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