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Why Hire an Engagement Photographer in Rome

Think of Rome as a backdrop for your romantic and iconic engagement photos. You can go modern, creative, traditional and lifestyle.

Celebrate your marriage engagement and upcoming wedding with an elegant and romantic Engagement Photo Shoot in Rome. What is an Engagement Photo Shoot ? As a pre-wedding photo session, it prepares you for the real thing, but it is, most of all, an act of romanticism. You'd agree there's no greater feeling than that of being engaged. And there is no better way to capture how beautiful you guys are than to book an engagement photo session with ShootRome. An Engagement Photo Shoot

can be formal or informal, and the style is entirely your choice. Go modern, creative, traditional or lifestyle. Besides being a great idea, an engagement shoot is always an enjoyable experience and you get to have a set of professional photos taken in Rome that will last a lifetime. A Bachelor (Stag) or Bachelorette (Hen) sessions are fun and happy alternatives to the more traditional engagement or pre-wedding photo shoots. The excitement is shared with friends and family, while having a great time

in the Eternal City. Your engagement photos can be used for save-the-date cards, to be displayed during the wedding, or as enlargements to remember the great time in Rome. By hiring ShootRome as your Professional Engagement Photographer in Rome you'll be able to look back at this wonderful moment with emotionally engaging photos. We'll be honored to help you capture the memories you and your future family will cherish for the rest of your life.

It should come as no surprise to that more and more couples are coming to Rome for their engagements. They all look for iconic, stylish, elegant and strong portrait photography.

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Bachelorette Photo Shoot in Rome

Here's an idea! Pack your bags and get your bridesmaids to follow you to Rome to celebrate your upcoming wedding in style. It'll prove a wonderful opportunity to dispel the pre-wedding jitters and do some girly bonding. To get the perfect Rome Bachelorette Party, you'll have to do a bit of planning, starting with a Rome Bachelorette Photographer whose style you absolutely love and the iconic locations you and your bridesmaids would love to be captured.

Maybe you'd like a more mundane location, like a trendy rooftop bar for a stunning sunset aperitivo, or to meander through the alleys of the Eternal City. Whatever you decide, make sure that you explore the city, you have fun with the activity you have chosen and there are plenty of photo ops. Whether for an hour, for an a day, or for the entire stay, we'll cover your celebration of love and happiness with images you'll be thrilled to share at your wedding.

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Engagement Photo Shoots

Intimate and Romantic Imagery

A fun Bachelorette Photo Session in Rome
Bachelorette, Engagement, Wedding

Bachelorette Photo Shoot in Rome

A fun bachelorette photo shoot in Via Della Conciliazione and Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome.

An Engagement Photoshoot at Pincio Gardens and Piazza di Spagna

Engagement Photo Session in Rome

A lovely couple during celebrating their engagement with a photo shoot at Piazza di Spagna and the Pincio Gardens.

Looking for an Engagement Photographer in Rome ?

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How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photo Shoot in Rome

For unforgettable Rome Engagement Photos

Let me start by saying that we would probably agree that Rome lends itself rather well to iconic picture-perfect images. Who doesn't want amazing Engagement photos in Rome ? So there are a few more steps for you to take to make sure you have an truly memorable engagement photoshoot in the Eternal City. For modern, elegant and iconic results, as your Rome Engagement Photographer, we highly encourage you to consider the following advice:

  • Get a feel for our signature-style. Visit our Gallery page for locations and style.
  • Pick the locations that best speak to you. The Colosseum, the Pincio Gardens, the Spanish Steps are only some of iconic locations Rome offers. View our Map for a more comprehensive list.
  • Nothing tells a story better than an inspiration board. Save all the beautiful images that resonate with you and share the board with us. Pinterest is one such great tool.
  • Variety is paramount especially in fun and creative photo shoots, so you're encouraged to bring as many props as you can.
  • Attire goes with the attitude. Dress nicely or smartly and colourful, making sure your style and colours are balanced.
  • Connection is king. This one should come easy. Kissing and connecting to each other, showing your real love for one another will make all the different in the world.
  • Plan your photo shoot like a Pro. Here's a tried and tested guide on How to Plan the Perfect Photo Session in Rome. For epic and blissful results.
  • Book your Engagement Photoshoot now. As your Rome Engagement Photographer, we'll be honored to tell your love story.
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You have come this far and your resolve and interest deserve a boost.
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