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Surprise Proposal Photographer in Rome, Italy
Epic Engagement Proposals in the Eternal City

Surprise Proposal Photographer in Rome

Iconic and Timeless Photos of your Engagement Proposal in Rome

We specialise in elegant marriage proposal photography in the Eternal City

A marriage proposal is indeed the most important step in your relationship, and we understand that you want everything to be perfect for the day. We also understand all the effort and thought that have gone into the preparations. You have the perfect engagement ring, the plane tickets, and now you need a professional photographer to match your efforts. The choice of the photographer for your engagement proposal in Rome must be one you shouldn't regret.
We, at ShootRome, have developed a process that will guarantee your engagement proposal to be an absolute surprise. You'll just have to show up and pop the big question. So, if you, like us, value communication and believe it's key to a successful surprise proposal photo session, you will appreciate our process and our guide on How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Proposal Photo Session in Rome, so you could have a solid basis to start planning your proposal.
It doesn't have to end with the proposal. We can go beyond capturing the "Yes, I Do!" moment and the immediate raw emotions of your proposal. If you treasure the value of memories, you can extend your proposal shoot and let us take you to more iconic locations for more iconic imagery. Visit our Gallery page for inspiration.

What To Expect

Clear communication and genuine connection coupled with our desire to exceed your expectations.
On all of our Proposal photo sessions you can expect an unrivalled level of service, courtesy and efficiency.
We'll share with you our wealth of experience so you can propose with complete confidence.

We, at ShootRome, value diversity and equality and are super LGBTQ-friendly.

Our Marriage Proposal Photography Style

Creativity & Inspiration

Wedding proposals are the most rewarding experiences a photographer can hope to have. Very few people are given the opportunity to experience such an intimate moment, so rich in emotions. Our goal is to capture imagery that is candid, natural, and emotionally engaging and our background in lifestyle and travel photography has proven essential again and again. We draw inspiration from the beautiful surroundings that Rome, the city we love, provides. It is indeed the perfect backdrop for your romantic and intimate secret proposal photo session. However, our main source of inspiration is always the couples whose proposal we shoot, their personality.

The natural and classic look in our proposal photography is indeed our defining signature-style, a distinctive mark of our iconic and timeless surprise proposal photography in the Eternal City

Rome is indeed the perfect backdrop for your romantic and intimate engagement proposal photo session

Popular Places for Wedding Proposals in Rome

Where to Pop The Question in the Eternal City

Pincio Terrazza Belvedere

Sunset Surprise Proposal on the Terrazza Belvedere in Rome
Surprise Proposal
Korie & Jim

Jim proposes to Korie in Rome on the Terrazza Belvedere on the Pincian Hill at sunset.

Sunset Surprise Proposal on the Terrazza Belvedere in Rome
Surprise Proposal
Amanda & Tom

Tom proposes to Amanda on the Terrazza Belvedere in Rome.

Sunset Surprise Proposal on the Terrazza Belvedere in Rome
Surprise Proposal
Victoria & Zach

Zach proposes to Victoria on the Terrazza Belvedere in Rome.

Villa Borghese

Surprise Proposal in Villa Borghese with Reanna and Taran
Surprise Proposal
Reanna & Taran

Reanna and Taran's' Surprise Wedding Proposal in Villa Borghese in Rome.

Surprise Proposal in Villa Borghese with Kenza and Alamine
Surprise Proposal
Kenza & Alamine

Kenza and Alamine's' Surprise Wedding Proposal in Villa Borghese in Rome.

Surprise Marriage Proposal by the pond in Villa Borghese with Eloise and Jordan
Surprise Proposal
Eloise & Jordan

Jordan asks for Eloise's hand by the pond in Villa Borghese in Rome in a most romantic surprise proposal.

Trevi Fountain

Surprise Proposal at the Trevi Fountain with Dana and Ofir
Surprise Proposal Engagement
Dana & Ofir

A beautiful couple during their Surprise Proposal at the Trevi Fountain at sunrise in the heart of the Eternal City.

Surprise Proposal at the Trevi Fountain with Narmina and Jose
Surprise Proposal
Narmina & Jose

Jose proposes to Narmina at the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

Surprise Proposal at the Trevi Fountain, Rome
Surprise Proposal
Erica & Farrel

A sunrise Surprise Proposal at the Trevi Fountain with Erica and Farrel

Castel Sant'Angelo

Surprise Proposal on Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge with Caroline and Abhi
Surprise Proposal
Caroline & Abhi

Caroline and Abhi's Surprise Marriage Proposal on the iconic Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge at sunrise in the Eternal City.

Surprise Proposal at Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge, Rome
Surprise Proposal
Erin & Jocob

A sunrise Surprise Proposal at Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge with Erin and Jacob.


Surprise Proposal at the Colosseum at sunset with Sarah and Sean
Surprise Proposal
Sarah & Sean

Sarah and Sean during their romantic sunset proposal at the Colosseum.

Surprise wedding proposal with a view on the Colosseum
Surprise Proposal
Ramona & Gianfranco

Ramona and Gianfranco in a iconic surprise marriage proposal at the Giardinetto del Monte Oppio.

Surprise Proposal at the Giardinetto del Monto Oppio with Gabriella and Steve
Surprise Proposal
Gabriella & Steve

Steve proposes to Gabriella at the Giardinetto del Monte Oppio while on a family vacation in Rome.

Orange Garden | Oppian Hill

urprise Proposal at the Orange Garden with Isabelle and Elliot
Surprise Proposal
Isabelle & Elliot

Tender marriage proposal on the Aventine Hill with Isabelle and Elliot

Surprise Proposal on the Oppian Hill in Rome
Surprise Proposal
Adi & Tomer

A very romantic Surprise Wedding Proposal with a view on Colosseum from the Oppian Hill in Rome.

Same-sex Wedding Proposal Photography in Rome

We, at ShootRome, value diversity and equality and are super LGBTQ-friendly

Newly-engaged couple kissing on the Spanish Steps in Rome
Surprise Proposal LGBTQ+
Naomi & Jessica

Jessica and Naomi during their Surprise Proposal on the Pincio Terrazza Belvedere in Rome.

Surprise Proposal at the Secret Temple with Jhan and Michael
Surprise Proposal LGBTQ+
Michael & Jhan

A Surprise Proposal at the secret gothic temple with Jhan and Michael.

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Proposal Extras


A slideshow is a wonderful way for you to share the beautiful news with the world. Choose a template from our selection of elegant and romantic slideshows that will beautifully feature images of your choice from your photoshoot in Rome.

Flowers, Musicians, Champagne

If you wish to set a special mood, our one-of-a-kind floral compositions, bouquets, and musicians all add a touch of romance, elegance and beauty to your surprise proposal in Rome. Mini champagne / prosecco bottles are also available. Enquire for further details.

Model Release Opt-out

Proposals are very delicate and intimate moments that you may wish to treasure in absolute privacy. We totally understand that and have a provision in our contract that allows you to opt out of the model release, for a fee. You, by opting out of the model release, prevent us from publishing your proposal images on our website and socials.


We avail ourselves of professional videographers specialized in romantic and cinematic story-telling of secret proposals. They all share our style and vision for truly timeless and iconic imagery, crafted to withstand the test of time.


Rome is vast and not all locations are within walking distance of one another. Private transportation is indeed the most efficient way to get about the city. Please enquire about the optional transportation service during booking.

Express Image Delivery

Should you wish to receive both low and high resolution images within 96 hours of the shoot, do request the optional express image delivery service at the time of booking. The service is available at an extra fee.

How to Plan the Perfect Wedding Proposal in Rome

You have come this far and your resolve and interest deserve a boost.
Proceed to our guide on Planning the perfect Wedding Proposal Photo Session in Rome with ShootRome.

How To Book Your Photoshoot in Rome

  • Choose the Best Location for Your Proposal in Rome

    Your choice of location can make or break your surprise proposal photo shoot. If you are looking for inspiration, you can rely on us to provide you with plenty of ideas and advice on the selection of the perfect locations for your iconic proposal photos.

  • Pick the Appropriate Time

    Finding right combination of time and location is essential. Sunset and sunrise are indeed the best times of the day. If you are looking for the privacy and intimacy your proposal deserves, choosing an early hour will allow you to beat the crowds. Regardless of the time, rest assured that we'll work around your tight schedule.

  • Request Availability and Pricing

    Request availability and pricing at your earliest convenience via the form on our Contacts page. Be as specific as you can, as this will help with the enquiry process.

  • Share Your Vision with Us

    A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, so you may want to consider sharing your vision with us via Pinterest. Alternatively you can simply email us the images that resonate with you the most.

  • Don't Forget the Extras

    Marriage proposals are all about the little details, and that's what our extras are for. Enrich your experience with a bouquet of flowers or with a bottle of fine bubbles. Find out more about our Extras.

  • Book Your Wedding Proposal Photo Session

    We operate on first-booked-first-served basis, It is in your best interest to finalise the booking by securing our services on the chosen date and time.

  • Schedule a Phone Call with our Proposal Photographer

    After securing our services, one of our photographers will get in touch with you to discuss all the details of your proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us with further queries

How do I plan the Perfect Surprise Proposal ?

How many images can I expect from a Proposal Photo Shoot ?
You may expect an average of up to 30 images per hour. However the total number of images may vary depending on several factors and that the number provided is an average and not a limit.

Will my images be edited ?
You can rest assured that all images delivered are professionally edited and corrected for luminosity, contrast, colour temperature and can be cropped if necessary. We will not alter physical appearances or traits of the clients with our photo-editing software.

How and When Will I Get the Photos ?
Your photos will be delivered via WeTrasfer roughly after four or five weeks from the shoot, depending on the amount of images produced.

Can I pay by credit card ?
Yes, you can! After signing the contract, we'll send you an email with a link which will direct you to Stripe, a platform that allows to receive payments over the Internet. It's safe and secure.

What happens in case of bad weather ?
We can only shoot in case of light rain or drizzle, and only for a short amount of time. You will have 24 hours prior to the contracted date and time to request a postponement via email. We will do our utmost to find the best solution given our availability.

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