The Only Guide on
How to Plan the Perfect Proposal Photo Shoot
in Rome

How to Plan your Proposal in Rome

How It Works

Here's a tried-and-tested process that will allow you to get ready for your photo session in the Eternal City.

Take our word for it, on your proposal day, you don't want to leave anything to chance. You want to know we are here to support you every step of the way, to make sure you avoid all the pitfalls of proposing in a foreign city.

Following is a streamlined process to help you feel confident and maximize the return of investment on your Surprise Proposal in Rome, so that we can deliver the best experience ever along with timeless images.

Whether you're still searching for your Proposal Planner in Rome, or you have already booked your Rome Proposal Session, You'll find the following section extremely useful.

"All things are ready, if our mind be so." Shakespeare


Book your Proposal Photo Shoot in Rome ASAP

Here's how you can book your Proposal Photo Shoot in Rome.
A straighforward process that's streamlined to guarantee the best results.

  1. Our Gallery page features our latest photo shoots so you can get a feel for our signature-style and see whether it fits your expectations.
  2. Get in touch to check availability and pricing for your preferred date and starting time. Our business operates on first-booked-first served basis and come the Proposal Season, availability may be low.
  3. If you find our offer to be agreeable, you will be asked to finalise the process by filling in the contract in all its parts and by making a retainer. Note that all retainers are non-refundable.

"All things are ready, if our mind be so." Shakespeare


Schedule a Call with Your Photographer

This is without question, the most important and valuable step of the entire process.

Upon receipt of your retainer fee, you'll be provided with the contact details of the photographer in charge of capturing your surprise proposal in Rome.

Get in touch with him or her at your earliest convenience and ask them to schedule a call or a video chat via Whatsapp or Google Hangout. This is a great opportunity to discuss the logistics of your proposal and for you to ask any questions or air any concerns you may have. Your photographer has a wealth of information and experience that you will find invaluable.

This is without a doubt the most invaluable service we provide. With several dozens of proposals under our belt, we have gathered a tremendous amount of experience, which will be available at your complete disposal.

Inspiration Board ( Mood Board )

It's absolutely paramount that you share and communicate your ideas to your photographer and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. You can communicate your ideas and expectations via an Inspiration Board, for instance through Pinterest. It's a very easy and efficient way to establish a ground for your photographer to meet your expectations.


Get Ready for your Rome Photo Session

Probably the most important step of all!

Preparation goes a long way and the devil here is really in the details. This is the most important stage of the process, where you choose the time and locations of your photo shoot and the style. Rest assured that our utmost priority is your experience, thus we ask you to consider the following advice for the perfect Rome Proposal Photo Session. This is also the stage where all your expectations should be effectively communicated to your photographer for your proposal photo shoot to run smoothly and be fun.

Recommended locations for your Rome Proposal Photo Session

The choice of locations — the spots you have chosen for your proposal in Rome — will set the tone, energy, and variety of your shoot and ultimately your images.

Rome offers several iconic locations for the perfect proposal photoshoot, with all having their own merits depending on the time of day, and the style of the photoshoot. Our Gallery Page features our latest photo sessions, and should guide you in selecting the locations that most resonate with the couple for the photo session they have in mind. For your Rome Proposal Photo Session you may want to consider the following:

The Colosseum - The Trevi Fountain - The Capitoline Hill - Janiculum Hill - The Pincio Gardens - Villa Borghese - Castel Sant'Angelo - The Spanish Steps - The Orange Garden

Best Time of the Day for your Rome Photo Shoot

It mainly depends on how busy the location you have chosen is, however, the rule of thumb is that proposal should take place at an early hour. This will guarantee the intimacy that your special moment demands, while keeping the number of people in your images to the minimum.

While the popular Terrazza del Belvedere at the Pincio Gardens is a great location for at all times of the day, the Trevi Fountain, on the other hand, is only viable early in the morning. As a famous landmark, it attracts hundreds of people all day and night, so for best results proposals should be scheduled early.


On the most important day of your life yet, you want to look at your best. Do it for yourself, for the most important person of your life and for posterity.

How wonderful would it be to showcase your romantic proposal images at your wedding !!

When preparing for your proposal, there are a few considerations to be made regarding comfort and attire:

  • Respect the season and the weather of the day of the shoot. Bring an umbrella if rain is to be expected.
  • Dress in such a way that you feel confident and comfortable. Bring a pair of flat or comfortable shoes along too.
  • Dress smartly and elegantly, matching colours and style, do make a statement. However, make sure that you complement each other in your attire.
  • In cold weather, dress in layers, for maximum comfort.
  • Accessories, Accessories, Accessories.

"All things are ready, if our mind be so." Shakespeare


On the Day of your Proposal

The time has finally come and you're almost ready to pop the "Big Question". Here's your checklist before you meet your photographer.

  1. Check the Weather Forecast for the day - Dress accordingly.
  2. Leave everything of value back at the hotel or apartment, and only bring the strict necessary. You want to be able to move freely during the photo session and not have to worry about your belongings. Your photographer is NOT able to carry your belongings with him.
  3. As discussed during the call, your photographer will be stealthily waiting for you at the agreed location. Make sure you make eye-to-eye contact and wait for his signal before getting on your knee.
  4. Don't forget to bring the ring.
  5. During the shoot, make sure that you pants pockets are empty. You don't want bulging pockets showing in your images, therefore it would be ideal to place your mobile phone and wallet somewhere they are not visible.
  6. Bring the balance of photo session fee in cash.