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Welcome to ShootRome Photo Tours Website
We provide premium Rome Photo Tours tailored to your needs and requests.

ShootRome is leader in private photography tours in Rome, and has made it its mission to empower and inspire those with a keen interest in photography to capture the Eternal City in the most beautiful light.

Whether you're a beginner or a pro photographer, our Rome Photography Tours and workshops are tailored to your level. Our ultimate goal is to send you home with unforgettable moments and great photos that will make you proud! Find out more about Rome photo tours and enquire about our unrivalled level of service. Your Rome Photographer.

If you're passionate about photography as we are, and you want to return home with iconic pictures of Rome, then let us show you the highlights and hidden gems that our beautiful Rome has to offer. All our Rome Photo Tours are designed for amateur and pro photographers alike and our photo tours are indeed the most engaging, featuring the most captivating locations. Our Photo Tour guides are professional English-speaking photographers, who love their craft and their city, the Eternal City. We specialize in small-group, tailored-made, day and night photo tours for photographers. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced photography enthusiast, on all our photo tours and workshops you have an opportunity to improve your photography skills by learning new tips and techniques with customized and hands-on instruction. Transport and guidance from one of our certified Art & History guides are always options you may want to consider. Rest assured that, at ShootRome, we avail ourselves of the best professionals in their jobs to guarantee exceptional, consistent and memorable results.

Registration on any of our services implies the full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.

What You Can Expect To Learn

Learn from professional Rome photographers

Whether you live in Rome or you're visiting from a distant country, joining us on a photography tour is a great opportunity to explore the city, discover some hidden charms, go off the beaten track. You'll also learn great photo skills and tricks from our local professional photographers, while capturing great images of your vacation in Rome.

On our photo tours and workshops, our expert photographers will focus on improving your photography techniques and skills, so you can capture memories of your own, that'll last a lifetime. Good composition, mastering exposure and colour, getting off auto are some of the topics that will be discussed at length.

Rome Photography Tours

Our most popular Rome Photo Tour

Rome Highlights Photo Tour
Bookable All Year Round

By far, the most popular Rome Photo Tour on our website. This Tour includes many of the main Roman attractions.

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Rome Highlights Photo Tour

For a tailored-made photo tour, please visit our location map page.

Why Us !

Whether for a few hours, a full day, or an entire weekend, on our Rome Photo Tours & Workshops you will get great iconic shots of the ancient city of Rome.

Private and Exclusive

Be the designer of your Photo Tour in Rome, with ShootRome you are guaranteed to have an exclusive, dreamlike private photo shoot. Go through our list of locations, pick & mix the ones you would like to capture. Let us know, we want you to have the perfect Photography Tour in Rome. You will be supported every step of the way.

English Speaking

You want your Lead Photographer in Rome to speak fluent English. No macaronic English here. Our Rome Photo Tours and Workshops will all be either in English, or Italian. And if you have a thing for British English, you may well count yourself in!


With over 15 years of shooting expertise and experience, we'll be able to provide as much or as little guidance and assistance you would like. We are dedicated to providing the best tour of any kind in the Ancient City of Rome, by stretching you a little and by sharing with you some of the best views and places Rome is so famous for.

Maximum Flexibility

We want you to be in charge of creating the Rome Photo Tour that best suits your needs. Be the designer of your Photo Tour in Rome. Pick & Mix from a wide selection of locations. Pick the best time, day or night. We will help you put together the most amazing Rome Photography Tour ever. Request further info about our Rome by Night Photo Tours.

Additional Services

On all of our Rome Vacation Photo Shoots you can expect an unrivalled level of service, courtesy and efficiency.

Art & History Guidance

The cherry on the proverbial cake. We want you to have more out of our photo tours in Rome. Don't just take our word for it, but there is nothing more fulfilling than adding depth to you pictures with our expert licensed guide who will tell you all about there is to know of the locations you have picked.


If the most efficient way for you to get about Rome is via private transfer, we'll take care of that. A photo shoot of 5 hours is sure way to capture most of the Roman attractions and sights. Although optional, it may be something you'd like to consider, especially for locations not within walking distance from one another. Find out more.

Upcoming Events

Photography Tours & Workshops in Rome

Rome by Night Photo Tour / Workshop
25 May 2019

12h Night Photography Workshop and Tour of the main Roman attractions.

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Rome by Night Photo Tour

Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to contact us with further queries.


Can non-photographer friends or spouses join us too ?

Absolutely! Just mention how many non-photographers will join your party, as they will not pay the full price of tour. However they will need to meet the phisical requirements of the location or tour.

Can children ( aged between 3 and 12 ) join the party ?

Yes, upon one condition! There must be non-photographer adult minding the children. They will also pay the full non-photographer price for the tour.

Can non-photographers take pictures or shoot videos ?

Yes of course! However, We ask non-photographers to stick to mobile phones or tablets only. Anything bigger than that won't do! Thank you for understanding.

Why do you have a set of locations instead of a set of tours ?

By law, for us to provide an itinerary, technically we would have to be a tour operator! And we want to abide by the law. The amount of effort necessary to set up a tour operator is astronomical, not to mention all the certifications we'd have to get and loops we'd have to jump through! We believe that by providing a Pick & Mix approach, works both ways, and gives you extraorindary flexibility in terms of you want to capture.


Should I bring my tripod along ?

Mostly that depends on the tour you are going for. On a night photo tour, the answer is absolutely! If, on the other hand you're planning to do some street photography, strickly a tripod isn't recommended. It's entirely up to you, but if it's not too heavy, why not!

What about a remote trigger ?

Cameras these days are equipped with selftimers. If you're planning to use a tripod, and you happen to have a remote trigger, absolutely!

I don't own a professional DSLR, can I come too ?

Don't be put off by the fact that you don't own a professional camera. Even mobile phones in this day and age can capture pretty amazing pictures.

Can I shoot videos during the photo tours/sessions ?

Videos are great and in many respects they exceede single exposures beautifully. However, We kindly ask you to refrain from shooting videos during explanations, whether from our guide or our photographer. Thank you!