Rome by Night Photo Tour / Workshop

By popular request, at long last, I have put together a great Night Photography Workshop and Tour of the main Roman attractions for

25th May 2019

Want to improve your photographic skills ? Maybe you're already an advanced photographer. At any rate, if you think you are kickass and you can endure 12+ hours of photo-walking, of cityscape photography, eating and drinking, coffee and more photography, then this photo tour of the Eternal City has your name written all over it. From dusk till dawn, we'll capture Castel Sant'Angelo and the Vatican in the absolutely gorgeous light of the blue hour, the Trevi Fountain and the Capitoline Hill in the middle of the night and the Colosseum and the Vittoriano just before and after the first lights, respectively.

If you're up for this one-of-a-kind kickass night photo workshop, do not hesitate to book your spot or contact me if you require further info.

Please refer to our Guidelines and FAQs pages before booking.

Info about the Rome by Night Photo Tour / Workshop

This walk is only suitable for the die-hard and the kickass.


At first, we'll focus our attention on Castel Sant'Angelo and the Vatican and keep shooting well into the blue hour. Dinner will be at Etablì, off Piazza Navona, so expect some night street photography on our way to the restaurant. After dinner, we should have time for a long exposure of the Pantheon and Piazza Navona before heading back to our cars. We'll then return to Castel Sant'Angelo and from there we'll separetely head over to Piazza Venezia by our own means. For the remaining of the night until the early morning, we'll shoot away at the Vittoriano, Fontana di Trevi, the Colosseum and the Capitoline Hill. We may even be able to squeeze the Roman Forum in too.



Meeting Point

We'll meet at Piazza di Ponte Sant'Angelo, Rome, on 25th May 2019, at 17:45 for a pre-tour briefing. I expect the walk to end at around 08:00 of the following day, with a nice and rich italian-style breakfast.

lens cap

Camera Lenses

Zoom lenses would probably be best, with prime lenses working great in low light photography. It's really down to what you have and what you want to capture. Remember to pack only what you need as this is a long night photo walk.


Other Gear

You'll definitely need a sturdy tripod and a remote control for your camera. Don't forget spare camera batteries, data cards, you'll be shooting lots of pictures, and a little torch light.



For this walk, you'll need your own means of transportation for moving from Castel Sant'Angelo to Piazza Venezia.

Further Information

Before booking this workshop, make sure you have read the Terms & Conditions.

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Due to the very nature of this photography workshop, you ought to dress in layers, you will need to travel as light as you can, wear comfy shoes and bring water with you. Our Guidelines will provide further information.

The tour is organized and led by Luca Iacono

Please bear in mind that the date may be pushed back due to unfavourable weather conditions and that the itinerary may change without prior notice and at the sole discretion of the leader of the tour.

Registration on any of our services implies the full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.

Useful Things to Know Before the Workshop

Here are a few tips so you can make the most of this night photography workshop. Whether you're just starting out or you feel you've earned your kudos in photography, bring your camera manual with you, just in case. The instructions manual will also help me or those willing to help, to help you better. For some, Night photography will be a bit out of the their comfort zone, so tackling some of the following will help you improve your photography. Top of the list is setting up your camera with shooting in RAW, which is immediately followed by bracketing. If you have never done any bracketing before, don't worry, just make sure you know how to enable it on your camera. At this point I take for granted that you'll have a tripod with you, which, by the way, is quintessential in night photography. However you'll also need a remote control. Whether it's a wired one, a wireless one, or even a more advanced one, just test your camera with it. You'll be spared some grief during the walk. Also, it may be wise to download a remote control app for your camera on your mobile phone. Redundancy is always key, so make sure you're also familiar on how to pair the app with your camera. Another concept useful to know is Depth Of Field (DOF). Understand DOF well and how that is related to focus distance and aperture. There are some really great DOF calculators for both Android and iPhone. Please make sure you have one available, it will also make a nice dinner conversation. Just kidding about the dinner conversation. Last but not least, I will also show you how to use manual focus for more precise results. However, make sure you know your camera well enough to activate the liveview and zooming functions during liveview. If you get this far, you're all set to enjoy fully this night photography tour, no doubt.


Pricing and Inclusions

The Rome by Night Photography Workshop is € 35 per person and includes ONLY tutoring and guidance, by a professional photographer.

star Best Value
  • Price per Person
  • More than 5 locations
  • 12+ hours of photo tour
  • Guidance & Tutoring
  • Minimum party of 4 people

Please note that food, beverages, insurance and transportation are NOT included, as any other expenses or losses you may incur during the tour.

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