Rome Highlights Photo Tour

By far, the most popular Rome Photo Tour on our website. This Tour includes many of the main Roman attractions.

Join me on this fantastic private photo tour for an unforgettable day of photography. We'll visit Rome's most iconic sites, discuss photography, drink coffee, and share images and stories along the way.

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Info about the photo walk

This walk is suitable for anyone who enjoys good health and a good basic fitness level.
Be advised there is a fair amount of walking (5.5 km) over a 5 hours period.


I couldn't think of better place than the Colosseum to start our photowalk. After our pre-tour briefing, we'll spend roughly 30 minutes at the site, trying to capture the iconic majesty of it.
Once we've had our fill of the Colosseum, if that's even possible, we'll head straight to Roman Forum Viewpoint and the Capitoline Hill. The Capitoline Hill, besides housing the seat of the Mayor of Rome, features one of the most beautiful squares in Rome as it was designed by Michelangelo.
Next on our schedule is the Jewish Ghetto, aka The Roman Ghetto, a remarkable area that will offer a great many photo opportunities. Popular with tourists, this quarter, rich in history and a little off the beaten track, is indeed of peculiar beauty. Amongst the highlights, the Turtle Fountain is one of my favourites.
After the Jewish Ghetto we'll stop briefly at Largo Argentina and its ruins, also famous for its cat colonies.
From there we'll walk to Campo de' Fiori, a square famous for its vibrant and lively open-air market and also for the stake where the philosopher Giordano Bruno was burnt alive.
We will then make our way to visit Piazza Navona, indeed one of the largest and most beautiful squares in Rome. Then off to the Pantheon, that after a short walk, will appear, from round a corner, in all its magnificence. A beautiful fountain in Piazza della Rotonda, will provide a great complement in our compositions.
As the old adage goes, "when in Rome....", just off Piazza della Rotonda, we'll stop for a coffee. Not just any coffee. The Sant'Eustachio Cafe's coffee. As it happens, the Sant'Eustachio square is wrapped in a veil of mystery and magic.
if we are on schedule, on our way to Piazza Venezia, we'll stop briefly at Saint Mary above Minerva, a beautiful church with no equals. As all religious places command silence, respect and discretion, we'll keep a very low profile.
Piazza Venezia is next where we should spend no more than 15 minutes to get our shot of the Altar of the Fatherland. The largest monument in Italy, built in honor of Victor Emmanuel, king of Italy.
Finally, we'll wrap up our photo walk back where we started, at the Colosseum. If time permits, we'll try and snatch a few more pictures of the monument.



Meeting Time and Location

The photo tour starts from the Colosseum Metro Station at 08.15 but please report at 08.00 to allow time for pre-tour briefing. I expect the walk to end at around 12:30 / 13:00.

lens cap

Camera Lenses

Zoom lenses would probably be best. And again it's really down to what you have and what you want to capture. Remember to pack only what you need as this is a long photo walk.


Other Gear

A tripod might come in handy but not at all necessary. Don't forget spare camera batteries and data cards.



Since there is no hotel pick-up, you have to make your own arrangements to reach the Colosseum Metro Station.

Further Information

During this tour I'll share a few fundamentals of composition and how focal length affects your images. Colour, contrast and quality of light ( and shadow ) will be touched upon as they all contribute to the overall mood of your images.

Due to the very nature of this photography tour, you ought to dress in layers, you will need to travel as light as you can, wear comfy shoes and bring water, a hat and sunscreen with you. Please remember to go read our Guidelines page for important info.

The tour is organized by and led by Luca Iacono.

The tour is rain or shine.

Registration on any of our services implies the full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.

Map of Locations

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