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Destination Weddings in Rome, Italy

We offer an exclusive elopement wedding photography service distinguished by elegant, authentic, and romantic imagery

Whether you're planning your destination wedding in Rome, and you're looking for a Rome Wedding Photographer with a signature-style to capture your elopement in the Eternal City, we would be delighted to hear from you. For the most important day of your life you want everything to be perfect and planning a destination wedding photo shoot in Rome may not be an easy task. This is where we come in. We'll help you capture your most beautiful day with images that you'll be thrilled to share with friends and family. For your wedding photo shoot, we'll help you find the perfect itinerary or locations. We also provide optional on-location Bridal Hair & Make-up services from professional artists. Musicians, as well as floral compositions are also optional services our clients always appreciate. If you're in the market for a Destination Wedding Photographer in Rome, with a distinctly classic and elegant style, we'll be honored to tell your love story and capture the magic of a tender moment, a kiss, or the look of love in your partner's eyes.

we cover

Religious Weddings - Civil Ceremonies - Symbolic Marriages - Embassy Weddings.

We, at ShootRome, value diversity and equality and are super LGBT-friendly.

Why Elope to Rome

Rome is the City of Love and Romance

"The Eternal City" is indeed a very popular choice amongst brides for their Destination Weddings in Italy. Rome oozes Old World charm, Art and History, elegance, sophistication, and culture from every corner and every cobblestone. A paradise for every photographer looking to shoot amazing wedding photos in Rome.

So, it should come as no surprise to that more and more couples are coming to the Eternal City for their destination weddings or elopements. They all look for iconic, stylish, elegant and strong wedding imagery. Indeed, our signature-style.

If you have picked Rome as the destination for your iconic elopement wedding, and you are in the market for an Elopement Photographer in Rome, we look forward to hearing from you to capture the beauty and romance of your Rome Wedding.

Our Wedding Photography Style

Creative Style & Inspiration

While we are firmly rooted in our traditions, our Wedding Photography Style is and will always be dictated by the moment. And as such it can be described as a fresh and beautiful blend of traditional, contemporary and photo-journalistic styles, with our own Italian artistic and creative flair sprinkled all over. With a background in travel and lifestyle photography, we strongly believe that style by itself means nothing without emotion. A wedding is a story to be told and our approach to wedding photography is about being inspired by our iconic surroundings while capturing the uniqueness of the moment. The little details, the chaos of the reception, the intimate looks. We love to visually tell stories with a natural and classic style, infused with the emotion that renders that very moment unique. The little details do matter. Hence, our mission is to document, in a genuine and honest fashion, your most important day of all, so that one day, years in the future, you and your family may look at your wedding photos and be reminded of how the day truly felt. And our ultimate goal is to deliver it with creativity and originality, our true and honest Italian style. Indeed, our signature-style.

The natural and classic look in our imagery is our defining signature-style, a distinctive mark of our iconic and timeless wedding photography.

Symbolic Ceremony

Symbolic Wedding Photo Shoot in Rome

The Symbolic Ceremony is a Destination Wedding Ceremony that offers great flexibility without all the legal requirements. It's meaningful non-religious ceremony that gives you the opportunity to express your personality, creativity and values. Also known as a Humanist Wedding Ceremony, a Symbolic ceremony is NOT legally recognized and thus can be customized to be as quirky or unique as you like. It is the ideal Elopement for those who want a destination Wedding in Rome, without the hassle of having to jump thruogh the legal hoops of the Italian burocracy.

They are as LGBT-friendly as Wedding Ceremonies can be, giving couples ample freedom to organize their intimate gay or lesbian elopement in one of the most iconic cities of the world. All Symbolic Ceremonies are performed by a wedding celebrant, and can be celebrated virtually anywhere. They are very easy to organize and completely stress-free. The most popular locations for Symbolic Ceremonies are the Orange Garden, with its beautiful terrace view, Villa Borghese, with its lush gardens and serene atmosphere, and the mesmerizing Trevi Fountain.

For further information on how to book your Rome Symbolic Wedding Photo Shoot, do Contact Us.

Civil Ceremony

Civil Wedding Photo Shoot in Rome

"Marry Me in Rome". Who doesn't want to hear those words ? Weddings in Italy are known to be vibrant and colourful. A Destination Civil Wedding in Rome is a legally-binding, non-religious ceremony, celebrated by the Mayor of Rome or an appointed official, and it can take place at select locations, known as Wedding Halls. The most elegant of which is located on the Capitoline Hill, at the Palazzo del Campidoglio, between Piazza Venezia and the Colosseum. Known as the "The Red Hall", being the most exclusive of all, it is ideal for elegant and formal ceremonies. For a more relaxed atmosphere, the rustic and romantic Vignola Mattei at Caracalla, is a rather unique 6th century former church, with warm brick interiors. The charming Villa Lais, a tiny 19th century chapel with frescoed walls and antique furniture, is ideal for small and intimiate secular weddings where to exchange your vows in an enchanting atmosphere. Do you dream to get married on the beach? As of summer 2019, you may have your civil ceremony officiated at the Ostia Wedding Beach, for the ultimate outdoor wedding. Now, regardless of your chosen location, be reminded that Civil Weddings are legally-binding, and as such there are legal requirements that must be met. Hence, we highly encourage you to hire a Wedding Planner to help you with the translation and all the legal matters. Furthermore, for your Rome Wedding Photo Shoot, make sure to pick the locations that best resonate with you. As your Rome Wedding Photographer, we'll support you each step during the planning of you Wedding Photography in Rome, to deliver beautiful and timeless memories of your most important day of your life.

For further information on how to book your Civil Wedding Photo Shoot in Rome, do Contact Us.

Religious Ceremony

Religious Wedding Photo Shoot in Rome

Rome, with over 900 beautiful and unique churches so rich in history and charm, is the ideal destination to celebrate your love with in a memorable way. It will be truly an emotional moment for the couple. But the charm of a Destination Wedding in Rome is not just about the church venue you have chosen. Think of the general atmosphere, the Reception Venue, the style and elegance of it all, the food.

Which is why We highly recommend you seek the advice from a local Wedding Planner, not only for the arrangement of the church and venues but also for the necessary legal documentation. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information on our Wedding Photography Packages. As your Rome Wedding Photographer, We'll be honoured to capture your emotions of the most important day of your life.

For further information on how to book your Religious Wedding Photo Shoot in Rome, do Contact Us.

Wedding Photo Shoots

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How It Works

As you may imagine, the planning and organization of a Wedding Photo Shoot in Rome is a rather involved process. Fear not! We have come up with an easy process to make the whole experience stress-free. Consider the following very carefully when planning your wedding in Rome.

Request Availability and Pricing

Contact us at your earliest convenience to enquire about pricing and availability. As we operate on first-booked-first-served basis, come the wedding season, things can be pretty hectic. Proceed with your enquiry via our Contacts page, and We'll be happy to provide all the information you require for your Wedding Photo Session in Rome.

Types of Wedding Ceremonies

The type of the Ceremony in most cases dictates the location where the exchange of vows will be take place. Whether a mere formality or the most important moment of the day, the wedding ceremony is where the love knot is tied, and as such it commands special attention. Religious Ceremonies are held in beautiful churches or chapels and Rome has many to choose from. Civil Ceremonies can be either held at the Town Hall or at private locations, such as beautiful villas or luxury hotels. Another option is get married in the wedding suite of your Embassy in Rome.

Choose the Best Shooting Locations

Your choice of locations will set the mood and style of your wedding photo shoot. If you are looking for inspiration, our Gallery page is the right place to start. However, you can rely on your Wedding Photographer in Rome to provide you with plenty of ideas and advice on the selection of the perfect locations for your wedding shoot.

Pick the Perfect Time

Rome receives tourists all year round and you can imagine how crowded places like the Trevi Fountain can get. Arriving early allows you to beat the crowds also guarantees you the privacy and intimacy your special event deserves. However, rest assured that we'll work around your tight schedule.

Share your Inspiration Board

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, so you may want to consider sharing your vision with us via Pinterest. Alternatively you can simply email us the images that resonate with you the most.

Request the Extras

On a day as important as your wedding day, it's all about the details, and that's what the extras are for. Whether it's a bouquet, or a Make-Up Artist, or a musician you require for your shoot or ceremony, do not hesitate to request our support.

Image Delivery

All photos are professionally edited and corrected for colour, luminosity, contrast, highlights and shadows, colour temperature and framing where necessary. Photo-editing software will not be employed to alter physical appearances or traits of the clients. You may expect an average of up to 20 / 25 images per hour. However the total number of images may vary depending on several factors. Please note that this is just an average and not a limit. All images will be delivered digitally via WeTranfer, a great free service, which makes it extremely convenient to transfer large files. Low resolution images, perfect for sharing on social networks and high resolution images, optimized for printing, will be delivered after 3 / 4 weeks and 5 / 6 weeks, respectively, from the day of the shoot. Photo prints are considered extras.

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Proceed to our guide on How to Plan the Perfect Photo Session in Rome with ShootRome.

Wedding Extras

On all of our Elopement and Wedding Photography Sessions you can expect an unrivalled level of service, courtesy and efficiency.

Bridal Hair & Make-up

Upon request, we have a number of talented artists and stylists who are very experienced with our style of shooting and will make sure your Hairstyle and Makeup complements your wedding dress and skin tones, to achieve the most natural and photogenic look.

Cinematic Slideshow

A slideshow is a wonderful way for you to share the beautiful news with the world. Choose a template from our selection of elengant and romantic slideshows that will beautifully feature images of your choice from your photoshoot in Rome.


We avail ourselves of professional videographers specialized in cinematic wedding story-telling. They all share our style and vision for truly timeless and iconic imagery, crafted to withstand the test of time.


Rome is vast and not all locations are within walking distance of one another. Private transportation is indeed the most efficient way to get about the city. Please enquire about the optional transportation service during booking.

Second Photographer

A second photographer may be required for a number of practical reasons. For instance, in challenging scenarios when your wedding is on the large side, or when you wish to cover the ceremony and multiple emotional responses.

Flowers, Musicians, Champagne

If you wish to set a special mood, our one-of-a-kind floral compositions, bouquets, and musicians all add a touch of romance, elegance and beauty to your wedding. Champagne and gourmet picnics are also available. Enquire for further details.

Express Image Delivery

Should you wish to receive both low and high resolution images within 96 hours of the shoot, do request the optional express image delivery service at the time of booking. The service is available at extra fee.

Premium-Quality Prints

We offer our Wedding clients the possibility of having their beautiful images printed by premium-quality professional printing labs and have them delivered anywhere in the world.

Wedding Client Reviews

Kind Words from our Clients

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