Map of Locations

This map features all the major attractions or locations so you can use it as a reference for your Portrait Session or a Photo Tour. By moving the mouse over the markers you can find out the name of the spot. This map also gives you an idea of the walking distance between locations. This is great information when you need to plan your portrait session or photo tour. Do bear in mind, that for a portrait session, 1 hour usually covers one location, two at best, when they are close by, like the Pincio Gardens and the Spanish Steps. As you can see, the Eternal City covers quite a large area and walking from location to location may not always be your best option, especially if you're pressed for time. On such occasions do consider private transport. Do find out more by writing to us.



Who doesn't like the Colosseum ? Who wouldn't want a portrait with it in the background ? Indeed, the most iconic monument in Rome and possibly in Italy. Everyone loves the Colosseum, its majestic structure that has stood for more

than 2000 years. Across the road from the Colosseum Metro Station, it's very easy to reach. It also lends itself to a all photo shoots, from weddings, vacation and Surprise Proposals. As it's children-friendly, it's loved by families too.

Oppian Hill

Would you ever have thought there would be a park just next to the Colosseum ? A great location for couples and family on holiday, as well as wedding proposals.

Literally just across the road from the Colosseum is the entract to this beautiful park, so very well within reach from one of the most historical landmarks in the world.

Trevi Fountain

Beautiful and romantic, the Trevi Fountain is the one of the most iconic locations for Surprise Proposals in Rome. Tourists from all over the world flock to the Trevi Fountain at all hours, all year round, so you can expect a solid crowd there.

Your best option, for an intimate and romantic photo shoot, is to arrive early in the morning, before anyone else. The time will vary from season to season, depending on the sunrise and weather conditions. Be aware that the Trevi Fountain presents a number of challenges.

Capitoline Hill

The Capitoline Hill, strategically located a few minutes from Piazza Veenezia, is opulent in photo opportunities, especially for couples. Home of the Town Hall, it features amazing architecture and breath-taking views of the ancient ruins of the Forum.

The beautiful Terrazza Caffarelli is often chosen for Surprise Proposals and romantic shots at sunset. With its iconic architecture and beautiful views, weddings, honeymoons and special and formal events are indeed very popular with our clients.

Janiculum Hill


If you want to get lost in the charming maze of narrow streets and winding alleys, Trastevere is indeed for you. Loved by tourists and Romans alike for its relaxed atmosphere and the great number of pizzerias, cafe's and restaurants.

Couples and families are advised to pick Trastevere for an early photo shoot if they wish to avoid the crowds of locals and tourists in the area. Very easy to reach, Trastevere is located just across the Tiber River, on the same side as the Vatican.

Pincio Gardens

Yet another very popular location for Surprise Proposals, Destination Weddings, Engagements and Honeymoons. Whether alone or coupled with Villa Borghese, the Pincio Gardens offer an alternative to the most crowded spots.

The Pincio Gardens are very easy to reach, as they are a 10 minutes' walk from Piazza di Spagna and the Spanish Steps. They offer many opportunities for intimate photo ops and iconic Surprise Proposals.

Villa Borghese

If you're a hopeless romantic, then Villa Borghese is for you. With its Esculapio Temple on the Lake, its beautiful lush gardens, Villa Borghese is the preferred choice of those looking for some intimaticy and a romantic setting.

It lends itself rather well to Honeymoons, Symbolic Weddings, Surprise Proposals. It's also very popular with families with children. You can either get to Villa Borghese through the Pincio Gardens or by taxi.

Castel Sant'Angelo

Castel Sant'Angelo is such an iconic landmark, with its beautiful pedestrian bridge, it is very popular with our Sposi Novelli after the Papal audience and blessing.

The best times to plan your photo shoot are early in the morning or afternoon, when the sun is at an angle. Not far from the Vatican itself, it can be reached by taxi or metro.

The Orange Garden

With a beautiful sweeping view of Rome, the Orange Garden is a little gem that's ideal for wedding photo shoots and symbolic ceremonies. Both locals and tourists alike love the terrace with a view. Hence, the

best time to visit is early in the morning. Not far from Circus Maximus, and a few yards away from the famous Rome's Keyhole, the Orange Garden enjoys a strategic location for romantic and intimate photo shoots.