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Portrait Photographer in Rome Italy specialized in iconic and documentary-style story-telling for surprise proposals, engagements, destination weddings, couples on vacation, and families. If you treasure the value of memories as I do, consider hiring a Rome Vacation Photographer for your memorable and timeless Portrait Session. We offer a unique portrait and vacation photography service in Rome. You can go modern, creative, traditional or lifestyle. Whatever your style, we'll capture emotionally-engaging and intimate images of your special event o vacation, with our unique signature-style.

Portrait Sessions

Rome Photo Tours

ShootRome is also leader in private photography tours in Rome, and has made it its mission to empower and inspire those with a keen interest in photography to capture the Eternal City in the most beautiful light. Whether you're a beginner or a pro photographer, our Rome Photography Tours and workshops are tailored to your level. Our ultimate goal is to send you home with unforgettable moments and great photos that will make you proud! Find out more about Rome photo tours and enquire about our unrivalled level of service. Your Rome Photographer.

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We, at ShootRome, value diversity and equality and are super LGBT-friendly.

Portrait Sessions in Rome

A Professional Portrait Photographer for your special events, vacations and celebrations in Rome.

Wedding Photography

For the most important day of your life, everything should be perfect. If you're looking for a Rome Wedding Photographer, we offer a comprehensive wedding photography service that will take the stress out of your photo session. The natural and classic look in our imagery is our defining signature-style, a distinctive mark of our iconic wedding photography.

Wedding Photography

Proposal Photography

You have picked the Eternal City to stage your surprise proposal and you're in need of a professional photographer to help you capture and organize the proposal you'll remember for days to come. We will provide all the support you need to make your dream come true.

Proposal Photography

Engagement Photography

You'd like to stage your engagement photo shoot here in Rome, and you're looking for a Rome engagement photographer. Let us help you capture the memories you and your future family will cherish for the rest of your life. LGBT-Friendly.

Engagement Photography

Couple | Vacation Photography

You're in Rome on a romantic break or simply on vacation and you're looking for a professional Rome photographer to discretely capture sweet and tender moments of your stay. Now imagine the Eternal City as a backdrop for your Vacation Photo Session in Rome.

Vacation Photography

Family Photography

It's always a thrill for us to capture the joy of families or parties of friends visiting Rome for the first time. Hiring a professional family photographer in Rome means you will have memories you and your friends or family will treasure for many years to come.

Family Photography

Asking for Quote

It may not be easy to pick the right option for your photo shoot, and I am here to help. I hope that the following may streamline the process of choosing the best Rome Portrait Session for you, from enquiring, to deciding the best option. My advice to you is to start from our Map and have a look at the locations available for your Rome photo shoot. The map will also help you gauge the distance between locations. I'll be sure to let you know of further locations once you write to me. Second piece of information that will prove very useful is the length of time you wish to hire me for. Bear in mind that an hour will approximately yield 20 / 25 photos, depending on the location, although there are other factors involved, such as the time needed to move from one location to another. As for the number of photos, I am well aware that other Rome photographers deliver an average of an image a minute, however I strive to give you quality over quantity, mixing natural light with flash. If it is just natural light you want, that can be easily arranged. Optionally, you may wish to consider services such as private transfer and guidance from one of our licensed Art & History guides. Finally, your budget against our pricing table will give you an indication of the best option for you. It is always worth writing as there may be some wiggle room.

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At ShootRome, we pride ourselves on employing only the best professionals in their jobs to guarantee exceptional, consistent and memorable results. Be reminded that transportation is always an option at your disposal. Registration on our Rome Portrait Tours and Sessions implies the full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.

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Do not hesitate to contact us for further info on your vacation photo shoot in Rome.

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You can't beat the locals

We know the city inside out, every corner and every cobblestone, better than the palms of our hands. No matter what the competition has to say. We have the inside knowledge everyone is after, but few get. And you know what they say ... if you can't beat them ...

English Speaking

And I mean it. No macaronic English here. Our tours, sessions and workshops will all be either in English, or Italian. And if you have a thing for British English, you may well count yourself in!

Safe and Reliable Partners

Like you, we like things smooth and inconvenience-free. This is why that, for our photo tours and for all Rome portrait sessions, we only partner with super trusted companies. For your peace of mind and ours.

All Inclusive

For your peace of mind all our services and wedding packages have no hidden costs or fees. Everything's truly included. Our quotes are honest and detailed so you what you'll pay up front.

Portrait Session Gallery

This gallery features our most recent photo shoots. Use it as a reference for your choice of locations and style of lighting.

Sposi Novelli in Via della Conciliazione, Vatican, Rome
Sposi Novelli, Honeymoon
A beautiful Sposi Novelli Photo Shoot

A beautiful newly-wed couple celebrating their honeymoon with a Sposi Novelli photo shoot in Rome.

An early Surprise Proposal Photo shoot at Trevi Fountain
Surprise Proposal, Couple
Surprise Photo Session at the Trevi Fountain

A sweet and tender surprise Proposal Photo Shoot at Trevi Fountain

A Couple Vacation Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain
Vacation, Couple
Vacation Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain

A beautiful day at the Trevi Fountain with Karen & Alex, a sweet couple from the States, who picked the Trevi Fountain for its beauty and grandeur.

A fun Bachelorette Photo Session in Rome
Bachelorette, Engagement, Wedding
Bachelorette Photo Shoot in Rome

A fun bachelorette photo shoot in Via Della Conciliazione and Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome.

Destination Wedding Photoshoot in Saint Peter's Square and Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome
Destination Wedding Photoshoot in Rome

A destination wedding photo shoot in Via Della Conciliazione and Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome.

Sposi Novelli Wedding Photo Session in Saint Peter's Square, Rome
Novelli Sposi in Rome

A wedding photo shoot in Saint Peter's Square, for a Sposi Novelli session.

A Couple Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain, Capitoline Hill, and Colosseum
Vacation, Couple
Vacation Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain

A very charming and elegant couple from Mexico, who wanted to be portrayed at Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum.

An Engagement Photo shoot at Pincio Gardens and Piazza di Spagna
Engagement Photo Session in Rome

A lovely couple during celebrating their engagement with a photo shoot at Piazza di Spagna and the Pincio Gardens.

A Surprise Wedding Proposal Photo Session on the Capitoline Hill
Surprise Proposal
Surprise Proposal Session in Rome

A very heart-warming Surprise Proposal Photo Session in Rome.

Portrait Session Pricing

Drop us a line for more detailed information.

1 Hour From
  • Up to 2 people
  • 1 Location
  • 20/25 High-Res Photos
  • 2 / 3 weeks Delivery Time
  • Photo Editing
Best Value
2 Hours From
  • Up to 2 people
  • 2 Locations
  • 40/50 High-Res Photos
  • 3 / 4 weeks Delivery Time
  • Photo Editing
3+ Hours -
request a quote
  • Up to 2 people
  • 3+ Locations
  • 50+ High-Res Photos
  • 5 weeks Delivery Time
  • Photo Editing

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