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Welcome to Eternal City ! I am a passionate and creative Rome Photographer, specialized in iconic and documentary-style Vacation photography for families, couples and solo travellers. If you treasure the value of memories as I do, then a Rome photoshoot is the perfect keepsake of your amazing stay in the Eternal City. We offer a unique and creative vacation and wedding photography service, and couples and families absolutely love the emotionally-engaging and intimate images we create for them, with our unique signature-style.

Rome Photo Shoots

Rome Photo Tours

ShootRome is also leader in private photography tours in Rome, and has made it its mission to empower and inspire those with a keen interest in photography to capture the Eternal City in the most beautiful light. Whether you're a beginner or a pro photographer, our Rome Photography Tours and workshops are tailored to your level. Our ultimate goal is to send you home with unforgettable moments and great photos that will make you proud! Find out more about Rome photo tours and enquire about our unrivalled level of service. Your Rome Photographer.

Rome Photo Tours

We, at ShootRome, value diversity and equality and are super LGBT-friendly.

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Rome Photo Shoots

Vacation Photography for Couples, Solo Travellers, Families, Groups of Friends.

A Couple Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain, Capitoline Hill, and Colosseum

Travel & Vacation Photography

You're in Rome on a romantic break or simply on vacation and you're looking for a professional Rome photographer to discretely capture sweet and tender moments of your travel. Now imagine the Eternal City as a backdrop for your Vacation Photo Session in Rome.

A Family Photo Session in Rome

Family Photography

It's always a thrill for us to capture the joy of families or parties of friends visiting Rome for the first time. Hiring a professional Family Photographer in Rome means you will have memories you and your friends or family will treasure for many years to come.

Destination Photography for Surprise Proposals, Sposi Novelli, Honeymoon, Engagements and Weddings.

Sposi Novelli in Via della Conciliazione, Vatican, Rome

Destination Weddings, Honeymoon & Sposi Novelli

We are a Destination Wedding Photographer in Rome, known for our distinctly classic and elegant style, blending photojournalism and fine art portraiture with a contemporary flair, delivering wedding photography that is timeless and iconic. Our signature-style.

An early Surprise Proposal Photo shoot at Trevi Fountain

Surprise Proposals

You have picked the Eternal City to stage your surprise proposal and you're in need of a Rome Proposal Photographer to help you capture and organize the proposal you'll remember for days to come. We will provide all the support you need to make your dream come true.

A Fun Bachelorette Photo Shoot from Peter's Square to Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome Italy

Engagements & Pre-Weddings

Pre-wedding and Engagement Photo Shoots are a celebration of your love for each other and as your Rome Engagement Photographer, we'll help you capture the memories you and your future family will cherish for the rest of your life.

Photo Shoots Gallery

This gallery features our most recent Rome photo shoots. Use it as a reference for your choice of locations and style of lighting.

Iconic Proposal in the Eternal City
Surprise Proposal

Early Surprise Proposal in the Eternal City

A romantic early surprise proposal photo shoot in the Eternal City.

Detail of the engagement ring during a morning proposal photo shoot at the Pincio Garden.
Surprise Proposal

Surprise Proposal at the Pincio Garden

A surprise proposal hidden in a photo session at the Pincio Garden and Villa Borghese.

Detail of the engagement ring during proposal photo shoot at the Pincio Gardens.
Surprise Proposal

Marriage Proposal at the Pincio Gardens

A very romantic Proposal Photo Shoot at the Terrazza Belvedere at the Pincio Gardens.

Newly-wed couple on a rowboat in Villa Borghese during their honeymoon photo session.
Honeymoon, Post-Wedding

An Elegant Honeymoon Photo Shoot in Villa Borghese

A charming newly-wed couple during a Honeymoon Photo Session in Villa Borghese.

Sposi Novelli in Via della Conciliazione, Vatican, Rome
Sposi Novelli, Honeymoon

A beautiful Sposi Novelli Photo Shoot

A beautiful newly-wed couple celebrating their honeymoon with a Sposi Novelli photo shoot in Rome.

An early Surprise Proposal Photo shoot at Trevi Fountain
Surprise Proposal, Couple

Surprise Photo Session at the Trevi Fountain

A sweet and tender surprise Proposal Photo Shoot at Trevi Fountain

A Couple Vacation Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain
Vacation, Couple

Vacation Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain

A beautiful day at the Trevi Fountain with Karen & Alex, a sweet couple from the States, who picked the Trevi Fountain for its beauty and grandeur.

A Bachelorette Photo Session in Rome
Bachelorette, Engagement, Wedding

Bachelorette Photo Shoot in Rome

A fun bachelorette photo shoot in Via Della Conciliazione and Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome.

Destination Wedding Photoshoot in Saint Peter's Square, Rome

Destination Wedding Photoshoot in Rome

A destination wedding photo shoot in Via Della Conciliazione and Castel Sant'Angelo, Rome.

Sposi Novelli Wedding Photo Session in Saint Peter's Square

Novelli Sposi in Rome

A wedding photo shoot in Saint Peter's Square, for a Sposi Novelli session.

A Couple Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain, Capitoline Hill, and Colosseum
Vacation, Couple

Vacation Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain

A very charming and elegant couple from Mexico, who wanted to be portrayed at Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum.

Photo Shoot Pricing

Request your quote by contacting us

1 Hour From
  • Up to 2 people
  • 1 Location
  • 20/25 High-Res Photos
  • 2 / 3 weeks Delivery Time
  • Photo Editing
Best Value
2 Hours From
  • Up to 2 people
  • 2 Locations
  • 40/50 High-Res Photos
  • 3 / 4 weeks Delivery Time
  • Photo Editing
3+ Hours -
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  • Up to 2 people
  • 3+ Locations
  • 50+ High-Res Photos
  • 5 weeks Delivery Time
  • Photo Editing

How To Book Your Photo Shoot in Rome

We'll be honoured to be your Rome Photographer

Request Availability and Pricing

As we operate on first-booked-first-served basis, it is in your best interest to request availability and pricing at your earliest convenience. On the Contacts page, you'll find a useful form to request information. Be as specific as you can, as this will help with the enquiry process.

Types of Photo Shoots

As a Professional Rome Photographer, we cater for those who wish to stage their special event in Rome. Rome is a common destination for surprise proposals, engagements, Sposi Novelli and weddings. Vacation photo shoots, on the other hand, cater for couples, families and solo travellers who wish to discover Rome, have a fun experience, and get unique photos of their vacation in the Eternal City.

Itinerary is Everthing

Your choice of locations will set the mood and style of your Rome photo shoot. If you are looking for inspiration, our Gallery page is the right place to start. However, you can rely on your Rome Photographer to provide you with plenty of ideas and advice on the selection of the perfect locations for your iconic Rome photos.

Time is Just as Important

Rome receives tourists all year round and you can imagine how crowded places like the Trevi Fountain can get. Arriving early allows you to beat the crowds also guarantees you the privacy and intimacy your special moment deserves. However, rest assured that we'll work around your tight schedule.

Inspiration Board

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, so you may want to consider sharing your vision with us via Pinterest. Alternatively you can simply email us the images that resonate with you the most.

Don't Forget the Extras

We are all about the details, and that's what our extras are for. You may consider hiring transport to get about the city or employ the guidance from one of our Licensed Art & History guides.

Image Delivery

All photos are professionally edited and corrected for colour, luminosity, contrast, highlights and shadows, colour temperature and framing where necessary. Photo-editing software will not be employed to alter physical appearances or traits of the clients. You may expect an average of up to 20 / 25 images per hour. However the total number of images may vary depending on several factors. Please note that this is just an average and not a limit. All images will be delivered digitally via WeTranfer, a great free service, which makes it extremely convenient to transfer large files. Low resolution images, perfect for sharing on social networks and high resolution images, optimized for printing, will be delivered after 3 / 4 weeks and 5 / 6 weeks, respectively, from the day of the shoot.

Further Information

At ShootRome, we pride ourselves on employing only the best professionals in their jobs to guarantee exceptional, consistent and memorable results. Be reminded that transportation is always an option at your disposal. Registration on our Rome Portrait Tours and Sessions implies the full acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.

Looking for a Rome Photographer with an iconic signature-style ?

A Rome Photo Shoot is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate your love story, explore the city and get amazing images of your stay in the Eternal City.

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You want your Rome Photographer to speak English. No macaronic English here. Our tours, photo shoots and workshops will all be either in English, or Italian. And if you have a thing for British English, you may well count yourself in!

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