Surprise Proposal Photo Session in Rome on Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge

Bachelorette Party Photo Shoot in Rome with Teresa and her bridesmaids

Via Della Conciliazione - Castel Sant'Angelo - Via Dei Coronari
2 July 2022

A super fun Bachelorette Party photo shoot from St Peter's Square to Via dei Giubbonari in Rome

It was a sunny afternoon in Rome, when a group of enthusiastic women could be seen walking along Via della Conciliazione, towards their bachelorette photo shoot. The bride-to-be, Teresa, was beaming with excitement as she looked forward to capturing these special moments with her closest friends. The group made their way past Castel Sant'Angelo, a magnificent fortress that has stood the test of time since the Roman Empire. The castle's history and grandeur added a perfect backdrop to the bachelorette shoot. Our photographer, with her keen eye for detail, captured the joy and excitement in the faces of the ladies as they posed for pictures. As they continued walking towards Via dei Giubbonari, the streets became livelier. The narrow cobbled streets were lined with shops and boutiques, with colorful clothes hanging from the windows. The photographer captured some stunning shots of the group as they laughed and danced along the picturesque street. The ambiance was perfect for the occasion, and the laughter and joy of the women were infectious. Passersby smiled and waved, wishing the group a happy bachelorette celebration. Just before sunset, the group made their way to a nearby cafe, where they sipped on refreshing drinks and indulged in some delicious Italian delicacies. They reminisced about old times and made new memories, cherishing this special moment before Teresa's big day. The bachelorette photo shoot in Rome was a resounding success, capturing the excitement and joy of the occasion in every shot. The streets of Rome provided the perfect backdrop for this memorable event, and the group left with a sense of happiness and fulfillment that would stay with them for a lifetime.

It should come as no surprise to that more and more people are coming to Rome for their bachelorette parties. They all look for iconic, stylish, elegant and strong portrait photography.

Bachelorette Photo Gallery

Images from Teresa's Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette girls at the Vatican
Bachelorette party girls in Via della Conciliazione
Beautiful bachelorette girls holding each other in Via della Conciliazione
Bachelorette Party girls celebrating in Via della Conciliazione
Bride to be with her bridesmaids near Castel Sant'Angelo
Beautiful portrait of Bride to-be in Rome
Beautiful portrait of bridesmaid in Rome
Stunning portrait of bridemaid in Rome
Magnetic portrait of bridesmaid in Rome
Portrait of captivating bridesmaid in Rome
Portrait of elegant bridesmaid in Rome
Portrait of bridesmaid of rare beauty in Rome
Bachelorette party on Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge in Rome
Bachelorette girls air kissing the bride to-be on Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge in Rome
Bachelorette party photo shoot on Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge in Rome
Bride to-be posing during her bachelorette party in Rome
Bachelorette bridesmaids resting on the sidewalk in Rome
Bachelorette Bridesmaids posing in an ally in Rome
Bachelorette bride to-be posing in an ally in Rome
Bachelorette Bridesmaids toasting in circle
Black & white image of bridesmaids toasting in circle
Bridesmaids drinking during their bachelorette party in Rome

Kind Words from our Client

11 out of 10!

If you are on the fence, do not hesitate-do it! ShootRome is a team of amazing people, who go the extra mile to make your dream-session a reality.

Shoot Rome took bachelorette pictures for 8 bachelorettes and the future bride in July, 2022. Taking picture of almost 10 women around Rome in blasting heat is not an easy task, but our photographer was patient, and thoughtful and we not only made memories that would last a lifetime, but had tons of fun (and champagne!!!) on the way!

The photographer Luca was extremely talented, kind, detail-oriented, and fun to work with. We had a wonderful experience and we absolutely love the photos! You truly provided us with the most amazing gift that would last a lifetime.


15 July 2022
— Axi

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