A Honeymoon Photo Shoot with Anastasia and Dmitriy

A Honeymoon Photo Shoot in Rome

Via Della Conciliazione - Castel Sant'Angelo
25 September 2018

A Beautiful and Romantic Honeymoon Photo Shoot with Anastasia and Dmitriy

A very sweet and gentle newly-wed couple from the far Russia, in love with Rome and Italy. Via della Conciliazione and Castel Sant'Angelo are always a great combo

Anastasia and Dmitriy wanted to celebrate their wedding with a romantic honeymoon photo session in Rome, and for their special occasion they picked Saint Peter's Square and Castel Sant'Angelo. One of the prerogatives of honeymoon photo shoots is that they must be intimate and free of all the stress experienced during the wedding. For this reason we met very early in the morning near Saint Peter's Square. From the very first moments one couldn't help but notice the inner and outer elegance this couple was oozing. Their wedding garments, the way the spoke, they held themselves, the beautiful bouquet of flowers from Siberia. Very inspiring indeed. We took advantage of the early hour to take a quite a few shots with very few people around. And on intimate photo shoots, like this one, it makes all the difference in the world. From Saint Peter's Square we walked along Via Della Conciliazione, stopping a few times along the way to capture sweet and intimate moments. Our next location was, of course, Castel Sant'Angelo. People absolutely love Castel Sant'Angelo, and for a good reason. Right by the river Tiber, it looks great when it's in the background. Like some of the shots we took in the second half of our photo shoot. Bridges and underbridges always provide great photo opportunies. We wrapped our 2-hour wedding photo session on Ponte Vittorio Emanuele II. We are grateful this beautiful and endearing couple from the far Russia chose ShootRome for their romantic honeymoon photos in the Eternal City.

It should come as no surprise to that more and more couples are coming to Rome for their honeymoons. They all look for iconic, stylish, elegant and strong wedding photography.

Honeymoon Photo Gallery

Some of the highlights from the stunning Honeymoon Photo Session with Anastasia and Dmitriy

Newly-wed couple in a deserted Via della Conciliazione, with the Saint Peter's in the background
Newly-wed Anastasia and Dmitry in Via della Concilizione under an olive tree during their destination wedding photo shoot
Newly-weds tenderly kiss on a bench along Via della Conciliazione in Rome
Wedding couple Relaxing on a bench in Via della Conciliazione in Rome
Wedding couple while passionately kiss in Via della Conciliazione with the Vatican in the background
A beautiful newly-wed couple in Rome
Wedding couple standing in the main entrance of Castel Sant'Angelo during a romantic wedding photo shoot
Newly-weds in a sweet embrace next to a beautiful wooden door Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome
Wedding couple during an iconic wedding photo shoot in Rome
Young wedding couple in a tender moment on the Tiber's bank during their wedding photo session
A romantic portrait of a young wedding couple with a beautiful panorama of Castel Sant'Angelo and Ponte Sant'Angelo in Rome
Wedding Couple in a sweet embrace on the Tiber's river bank with Castel Sant'Angelo towering in the background
A portrait of the newly-wed couple with Castel Sant'Angelo in the background
A portrait of the newly-wed couple under Castel Sant'Angelo Bridge
Newly-weds looking at the beautiful Castel Sant'Angelo from the riverbank
A black and white image of a young newly-weds looking at Castel Sant'Angelo during their destination wedding photo session
Wedding couple looking at each other during a destination wedding photo shoot in Rome
A view of a wedding couple kissing through the foliage on Umberto Bridge, in Rome
A beautiful and a happy bride during a destionation wedding photo session in Rome
Newly-Wed couple In each other's arms, on Umberto I Bridge, with Castel Sant'Angelo in the background
An image of a newly-wed couple taking a beautiful selfie, at the end of a destination wedding photo shoot in Rome


Kind Words from our Client

Professional and affable photoshoot

Had a honeymoon photoshoot in September and very delighted with both the experience of the shoot and results! Our photographer Luca was communicative and attentive, caring about our wishes, emotions and feelings. He has a great feel of what will look nice in a picture, and will always advice how to pose, or how to act, finding good angles, lights, etc. Photoshoot with Luca is not tiring, and more like a walk with a friend, after which you get professionally-made nice pictures for printing and publishing. Definitely an excellent choice to help you keep the memories of a wonderful moment in Rome! Thank you Luca for this opportunity!
7 October 2018
— Dmitriy L

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