A tender Surprise Proposal Shoot in the Heart of Rome

A Tender Surprise Proposal Shoot at the Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain - Spanish Steps - Pincio Gardens
29 January 2019

A tender surprise proposal shoot at the Trevi Fountain, on an early January morning

David wanted to propose by the water, and thought that the Trevi Fountain would provide the perfect setting. When he first contacted me he was adamant the Trevi Fountain would be the perfect location for his surprise proposal in Rome and I couldn't agree more. The Trevi Fountain provides a great degree of privacy ( as long as you get there early enough ) and the perfect amount of "iconicness" that only the Eternal City can provide. Everything was planned and when the day came, I was ready to capture the proposal. David waited for Kelsey to close her eyes and throw the proverbial coin into the Trevi Fountain to get down on his knee and propose with a beautiful shiny ring. She uttered a resounding YES. So, after a couple of minutes of privacy, we kept shooting at the beautiful and iconic Trevi Fountain, and then set off for Piazza di Spagna. After a few due shots by "La Barcaccia", famous fountain located in Piazza di Spagna, a few more shots on the Spanish Steps, we headed towards the Pincio Gardens, with its beautiful overlook of Piazza del Popolo, that always provide many opportunities for initmate shots. After 45 minutes or so, we headed back to Piazza di Spagna and wrapped up our 2 hour photo session.

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Images from this Surprise Photo Shoot

The Big Ask Moment at the Trevi Fountain
Engagement Ring at a Surprise Proposal session at the Trevi Fountain
Surprise Proposal Photo Shoot at the Trevi Fountain
Couple sitting on the rim of the Trevi Fountain
Couple enjoying the view of the majestic Trevi Fountain
Couple in love at the Barcaccia Fountain in Piazza di Spagna
A newly-engagement couple holding hands with a closeup of a beautiful ring
A sweet kiss between newly-engaged couple with the Spanish Steps in the background
Couple kissing sweetly on the Spanish Steps, Rome
Couple on the Scalinata della Trinita' dei Monti, Spanish Steps
Couple enjoying the breathtaking view from the Pincio Gardens Overlook
Couple in silhouette kissing in the Pincio Gardens, during their Secret Proposal Photo shoot
Couple having great fun during their Surprise Proposal photo session at the Pincio Gardens, Rome
Fiancé wisphering sweet words to his fiancée during a photo session at the Pincio Gardens
Couple looking at each other on the overlook of the Pincio Gardens
Sweet and tender kiss during a surprise proposal session at the Pincio Gardens, Rome
Beautiful view of Rome from the Pincio Gardens with blurred couple in the background
Couple holding hands on the Spanish Steps, Rome
Couple looking at the beautiful Spanish Steps


Kind Words from our Client

Amazing Photographer

An amazing photographer for a surprise proposal! Since the get go ShootRome was extremely helpful in helping my now fiancé plan our surprise engagement. He helped him work through the details and deliver beautiful memories that we will cherish for years to come. Our pictures turned out beautifully and he was super easy to work with. Thank you so much!
15 February 2019
— KDtravels7

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