A heartwarming Surprise Proposal Photo Session in Rome.

Surprise Proposal on the Capitoline Hill with Nadiya and Max

Capitoline Hill - Roman Forum
02 May 2018

A very heartwarming Surprise Proposal Photo Session in Rome

Max wanted to propose at a special location, and wanted to have tangible memories of something very dear to him. We met under the equestrian statue in the square and after making our acquaintance we took started shooting under the colonnade. Capitol Hill is indeed very popular because it offers many wonderful opportunites for taking romantic and intimate couple portraits. From the arcade we made our way to one of the beautiful staircases where I took of few shots of them in the distance. The Forum Overlook, which was next, is indeed the highlight of it all. Nadiya and Max were indeed smitten with the fantastic view and dispite the multitude

of tourists that the location attracts, we managed to take a few kissing shots with the Colosseum in the far background. Time really flies when you're having fun and you're enjoying yourself. The sun was approaching the horizon and I wanted to take them to the beautiful Terrazza Caffarelli, where Max was to pop the question. This was a surprise proposal after all so Max and I had already agreed on all our signalling and when we both were ready, he kneeled down and proposed. It was a gift for me to witness and record Nadiya and Max's proposal. After our goodbyes, I felt reconciled with with world for at least till the following morning.

It should come as no surprise to that more and more couples are coming to Rome for their engagements or surprise proposals. They all look for iconic, stylish, elegant and strong portrait photography.

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Images from this sweet Proposal Photo Shoot in Rome

Couple leaning aginst columns on the Capitoline Hill in Rome
Couple holding hands during their a secret proposal in Rome on the Capitoline Hill
Couple in Rome for their surprise wedding proposal
Portrait of couple in Rome, with the Roman Forum in the background
Iconic portrait of couple during their Surprise Proposal Session with the Temple of Vespasian and Titus in the background
Couple sitting on the ledge with the Roman Forum in the background
A closeup portrait of a couple with the Roman Forum in the background
Couple with the Septimius Severus Arch as background, Roman Forum, Rome
Future husband and wife in a sweet embrace at the top of the stairs to Chiesa dei Santi Luca e Martina
A nice and happy couple at Roman Forum overlook during their surprise proposal photo session in Rome
Couple about to kiss in a blurred foreground with the Forum and the Colosseam in focus in the background
Couple walking hand in hand along Via Monte Tarpeo, Capitoline Hill, Rome
A nice portrait of a couple from Terrazza Caffarelli in Rome
Couple on Terrazza Caffarelli at sunset, moments before the proposal, Capitoline Hill, Rome
Future husband holds his future wife's hand showing the ring, during the surprise propsoal session on the Capitoline Hill in Rome
Couple moments after the surprise propsal, showing the ring, on the Capitoline Hill in Rome


Kind Words from our Client

One of the best moments in Rome

We had much luck to meet Luca. Great professional, artist and an amazing person. Luca also was there for my engagement proposal. He found a really great spot for the occasion and let me take my time with it. So can't find enough words to thank Luca. Really great memories!
13 May 2018
— Max R

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