A beautiful Sposi Novelli Photo Session in St.Peter's Square.

Sposi Novelli Wedding Session in Saint Peter's Square

Saint Peter's Square - Via Della Conciliazione
07 September 2018 | Sposi Novelli

Vanesa & Alberto during a Sposi Novelli session at St. Peter's Square.

An exquisite and fashionable couple from Europe, come to Rome to meet the Pope for their "Sposi Novelli" wedding session. St. Peter's Square is a undeniably a very popular spot with the newly weds. And this was no exception.

Vanesa and Alberto came to Rome to meet the Pope, days after their wedding in Spain. The Pope receives people on Wednesdays usually and they came to Rome to have their marriage blessed. After the papal audience, Vanesa, Alberto and I met in Saint Peter's Square, on a very sunny day. After making our reciprocal acquaintance, we moved under the colonnade. The way the columns lead your eye, the beautiful diffused light, they all contribute to a very special and intimate atmosphere and mood. After some beautiful shots under the colonnade we moved back into the light,

as we wanted some iconic shots with the Vatican in the background. From here we made our way along Via Della Conciliazione, the road that leads to the Piazza San Pietro. Again more wonderful photo opportunities and Vanesa and Alberto were absolutely great. Right by the river Tiber, it looks great when it's in the background. Like some of the shots we took in the second half of our photo shoot. Bridges and underbridges always provide great photo opportunies. The wedding photo session was over at the end of Via Della Cociliazione, where we bid goodbye, just in time for lunch.

It should come as no surprise to that more and more couples are coming to Rome for their engagements or surprise proposals. They all look for iconic, stylish, elegant and strong portrait photography.

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Kind Words from our Client

Amazing Photographer

An amazing photographer for a surprise proposal! Since the get go ShootRome was extremely helpful in helping my now fiancé plan our surprise engagement. He helped him work through the details and deliver beautiful memories that we will cherish for years to come. Our pictures turned out beautifully and he was super easy to work with. Thank you so much!
15 February 2019
— KDtravels7

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