A Sposi Novelli Photo Shoot in Via della Conciliazione and about Castel Sant'Angelo.

An Iconic Sposi Novelli Photo Shoot in Rome.

Via della Conciliazione - Castel Sant'Angelo

2 April 2019 | Honeymoon, Sposi Novelli

A fun and romantic Sposi Novelli Photo Shoot in Rome.

We, at ShootRome, strongly believe that love and romance should be celebrated, captured and sung. It was Mrs and Mrs Antonio's wish to have an audience with the Pope, for the ritual Sposi Novelli, where newly-wed couples receive papal blessings. And there was no better way to celebrate this special event than capture it with a Sposi Novelli Photo Shoot. Think of a Sposi Novelli session as a mini wedding photo shoot. To qualify to receive the papal blessing, couples must be wearing their wedding attire and be married within 2 months of the audience. This is a great opportunity for brides to live their wedding day a second time and very often they request a complete Hair & Makeup service. I must say that we pride ourselves on the extra services we provide,

especially Hair & Makeup. Silvia did an absolutely amazing job, which always makes the job of the photographer much much easier. She also assisted during the whole shoot, providing support for both hair and makeup. The couple and our team met off St Peter's Square, and after a quick introduction, we started our Sposi Novelli photo session. With a beautiful couple such as Mrs and Mr Antonio, I knew we would attract a lot of attention and interaction from and with the surrounding crowds. Next on our itinerary was Castel Sant'Angelo and its namesake iconic bridge. From there, we all headed down to the Tiber river bank, where more iconic and fun shots were taken. We wrapped up our 2-hour photo session with a few fun shots.

You may view Silvia's work on her Instagram Page.

It should come as no surprise to that more and more couples are coming to Rome for their wedding or their Sposi Novelli session. They all look for iconic, stylish, elegant and strong portrait photography. Our signature-style.

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