A Solo Vacation Photo Shoot in Rome.

A Solo Vacation Photo Session in Rome

Colosseum - Fori Imperiali - Trevi Fountain
‎08 August 2018 | Vacation, Solo

Afsana picked the perfect day for a shoot. A clear sky and a beautiful sun were the right premises for light and airy photos.

For her 2-hour Vacation Photo Session, she also picked the best locations and itinerary. Very iconic indeed. And if you want to remember your time in the Eternal City, why not start with the Colosseum. We met outside the Colosseum Metro Station to take some truly iconic and creative images of Afsana with the Colosseum as a backdrop. After a quick change of clothes and coffee, we perked up for some more iconic imagery. After the Colosseum, we moved towards Fontana di Trevi and along the way we stopped for some images with the Roman Forum in the background.

Via dei Fori Imperiali offers great opportunities for iconic shots, so we took them. Along the way, we also had a chance to talk and to get to know each other better. We briefly stopped at at the 12 Apostoles Basilica, a truly amazing church, that couldn't really be missed. We finally made it to the Trevi Fountain. It's always a sight that filled your heart. It's truly majestic. Despite the crowds, we managed to get some really nice and iconic shots Afsana liked. We wrapped our 2-hour Vacation Photo Shoot there and said goodbye. It was a true pleasure to capture her gentle and delicate personality.

It should come as no surprise to that more and more couples are coming to Rome for their engagements or surprise proposals. They all look for iconic, stylish, elegant and strong portrait photography.

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Kind Words from our Client

The best one!

I feel lucky that I had photoshoots with Luca! It is one of the best moments in Rome and I got very nice experience about posing for photos :D He was very easygoing and catch the amazing views. We walked around the Colosseo, he didn't only take nice photos but give nice information about Rome. I felt cozy and enjoyed the photoshoot.
1 August 2018
— Afsana05

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