Marriage Proposal Photo Shoot at the Pincio Gardens.

Marriage Proposal Photo Shoot at the Pincio Gardens

Pincio Gardens - Piazza del Popolo

10 June 2019 | Proposal

A very romantic Proposal Photo Shoot at the Terrazza Belvedere at the Pincio Gardens

A Marriage proposal is likely the most intimate event a couple can share in their lifetime together. From a professional photographer's point of view, I can say that a lot needs to happen before a proposal can take place and a lot of care is needed while the proposal is underway. Rick asked me to capture his proosal in Rome and picked the Terrazza del Belvedere at the Pincio Gardens as the location. It's indeed my favourite location for a number of reasons. it's iconic, because you can recognize Rome, even the in the blurred background. The position in relation to the sun, makes it an ideal location for morning and afternoons. With a bit of planning, you can avoid tourists and offers a variety of

shooting angles. Rick asked Anna to meet him at 19:00, while Rick I met half an hour earlier, so we could agree on the best location for the "Big Ask" and discuss all those little details that are crucial to the overall success of the proposal. When Anna was on final approach, I positioned myself behind a statue bust to capture the meet and the natural reaction. Rick was confident and everything went according to plan. The proposal was an utter success. After the actual proposal, Anna and Rick enjoyed a chilled bottle white wine, sipping it all the way down to Piazza del Popolo, where we wrapped the proposal photo shoot with hugs, promising to keep in touch.

Villa Borghese and the Pincio Gardens are amazing locations where to stage marriage proposals, wedding photo shoots, and of course romantic photo sessions.

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Images from the Proposal Photo Shoot with Anna and Rick

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