Early Surprise Proposal in the Eternal City.

Surprise Proposal Photo Shoot in the Eternal City

Trevi Fountain - Capitoline Hill - Colosseum

18 September 2019 | Proposal

Early Surprise Proposal at the Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain, in all its glory, summons the crowds at all hours of the day and night. Therefore, it's paramount to arrive as early as one can, to minimize the number of people in the shot. For this particular proposal, Shane wanted some quiet and intimacy for his special event. He wanted to take his time in declaring his love for Danielle, so he decided on an early Proposal Photo Shoot. The Trevi Fountain hardly ever disappoints. It's iconic, grand, it connects you with beautiful art,

and the perfect place for a romantic proposal in the Eternal City. After the proposal, we captured some raw emotions and then moved to the Capitoline Hill. The advantage of an early photo session is that you there is hardly anyone around, and the light is even and flattering. As a result, the images are bright and airy. We wrapped up our proposal photo session at the Colosseum, which never fails to provide the perfect background for both fun and romantic images.

The Trevi Fountain coupled with the Capitoline Hill and the Colosseum is most likely the most iconic itinerary of all.

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Images from the Proposal Photo Shoot with Danielle and Shane

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Proposal Photo Session in Rome

18 September 2019

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