Fori Imperiali
 equestrian sculpture of Victor Emmanuel II
Piazza Venezia

Terrazza delle Quadrighe, Il Vittoriano

Located in Piazza Venezia, this larger-than-life, white monument offers many photographic opportunies from its many terraces. Despite its size, the climb is a pleasant one. As a meager consolation, the panoramic Terrace of the Quadigas, at the rooftop of the monument, can only be reached with a panoramic glass lift.

Please note that Il Vittoriano is one of the main tourist attractions in Rome. Expect many people and moderately long queues.

Info about the location

This location is suitable for all skill levels and all digital cameras.

Best Times

Best Times

The rooftop is a great place to capture Rome in the sunset or blue hour. Bear in mind we will only be allowed to shoot until 19:30 with the last admission being at 18.45. Due to the longer path the sun follows between April and September, it won't be possible to shoot in sunset light. The monument is closed on 25 December and 1 January.

Camera Lenses

Camera Lenses

Here anything goes, really. Zoom lenses will prove to be very useful given the variety of subjects, both in the wide and tele angles. Here you will soon realize how vain seagulls can be. They do enjoy being photographed. As a reminder, tripods are not allowed on the premises of national museums and monuments. That may influence your choice of lenses.

Other Gear

Other Gear

As previously stated, tripods are not allowed here. Don't forget batteries and data cards.


Guidance [Optional]

At each and every location, you may wish to have a full, in-depth commentary from our tour guide and leader of the walk.

General Info

Il Vittoriano, also known as the Altar of the Fatherland, is in fact the largest monument in Italy. If you are into architectural photography, you may wish to capture the majesty of the Vittoriano from a distance with wide-angle lens. This can be done fairly safely from the middle of the Piazza Venezia. A tele lens would come in handy from further away. In terms of lighting, the monument lends itself well to morning, afternoon and sunset light, the blue hour of course, and night photography too. Consider bringing your tripod for long exposures.

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