Info about the location

This location is suitable for all skill levels and all digital cameras.


Best times

Street Photography


Camera Lenses

A minimum of a 24mm lens, with a 16mm lens being ideal for this kind of setting. Longer lenses may be used for close-in shots. The viewpoint allows for panoramas too. Depending on the hour of the day and the type of shot you're after, a tripod may be required.


Other Gear

As previously stated, a tripod here might come in particularly handy. A remote trigger would be helful. Don't forget batteries and data cards.


Guidance [Optional]

At each and every location, you may wish to have a full, in-depth commentary from our tour guide and leader of the walk.

Further Information

Although this is a one-stop location, a tripod may seem trivial. If you wish to take full advantage of bracketing and digital blending, a tripod becomes essential. My advice would be to bring one. Before booking this location, make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions. For a more fulfilling experience of the tour, it is recommended, though not compulsory, you should know about depth of field, how to control it, and general camera handling.

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