A sweet Engagement Photo Session in Rome.

Engagement Photo Session in Rome

Piazza di Spagna - Pincio Gardens
06 July 2018 | Engagement

Engagement Photo Session from the Spanish Steps to the Pincio Gardens to celebrate the engagement of Tina and Michael in Rome.

It's not very often you get to meet soul mates. When you do, you can tell without hesitation.

On a beautiful sunny afternoon I was very pleased to make the acquaintance of Tina and Michael, whom I met in Piazza di Spagna. They'd asked me to shoot with them for an hour or so on the Spanish Steps and the Pincio Gardens. There were celebrating their engagement, and they picked Rome for their Engagement Photos. The Eternal City seems to attract many couples who wish to celebrate their engagements or would like to stage their surprise proposals here. After a few nice shots taken in Piazza di Spagna we moved to the famous Spanish Steps. From the very first moments I could tell they were a close-knit couple. They were funny, witty, and kind. And perfect for each other. Also, they way they felt comfortable in front of the camera, they joked with each other, the plethora of private jokes they shared. It was all so evident.

The Pincio Gardens are not far from the Spanish Steps. Once arrived at the Pincio Gardens, I mounted my pararazzi lens, so I gave them space, and shot some really nice an intimate images, as it seemed appropriate since they were celebrating their engagement. As we moved from spot to spot, I made sure they always had enough space to enjoy each other's company. Not only I was able to capture some romantic shots, but also gave those shots the context they needed so anyone could place them, at first glance, in Eternal City. After that, we went back to Piazza di Spagna where I bid goodbye to a beautiful couple with the most sincere smiles, after a fun and romantic engagement shoot in Rome. They both were witty, cheerful, and fun. And I like to think that this shows in the resulting photos. I had lots of fun myself.

It should come as no surprise to that more and more couples are coming to Rome for their engagements or surprise proposals. They all look for iconic, stylish, elegant and strong portrait photography.

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Images from the Engagement Photo Shoot

Kind Words from our Client

Luca is amazing!

We were incredibly lucky to find Luca to take our engagement photos for us. He went above and beyond. We walked through the Spanish steps and the outskirts of Borghese park. Luca did a wonderful job capturing our relationship and joy, he also has wonderful ideas for unique photos! Best part of our trip! We can’t thank Luca enough.
27 July 2018
— Kristina H

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