A super fun Bachelorette Photoshoot in Rome.

A fun Bachelorette Photo Shoot in Rome

Via Della Conciliazione - Castel Sant'Angelo
03 October 2018 | Bachelorette, Pre-Wedding

Upbeat Bachelorette Photo Shoot in Rome with Maja and her girlfriends

Instead of hitting a crowded club, Maja and her maids packed their suitcases to have an iconic and upbeat Bachelorette Photo Shoot in Rome. Via Della Concilizione and Castel Sant'Angelo are indeed our most popular locations. Aren't they absolutely stunning ?

It is a fantastic idea to celebrate your upcoming wedding with a party and/or a Bachelorette Photoshoot in Rome. Bring your friends along, get your hair and make-up done by one of our trusted artists, and let the fun begin. I met Maya and her bridesmaids in Piazza Papa Pio XII, on a beautiful clear sky day for a 2-hour Bachelorette Photo Session. After some time getting to know the bride-to-be and her bridemaids, we started the photo session at the start of Via della Conciliazione. We all had so much fun during the catwalk and poses, we got so

much attention along Via della Conciliazione. We stopped at Castel Sant'Angelo for a few shots and had quite a few photo oppoturnites on Ponte Sant'Angelo too. Despite the intense sunlight and heat, we kept on shooting for 2 hours with virtually no interruption at all. We kept pressing on and make our way down to the riverbank for some truly iconic shots with Castel Sant'Angelo in the background. Some detail shots of clothes were also taken for posterity. We wrapped our shoot with the usual group selfie, and then we bid our goodbyes.

It should come as no surprise to that more and more couples are coming to Rome for their engagements or surprise proposals. They all look for iconic, stylish, elegant and strong portrait photography.

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Kind Words from our Client

Luca is simply AMAZING!

Luca is simply AMAZING! From the beginning to the end he offered endless support,advice and guidance. His experience and professionalism shines through, allowing you to relax and have the best day of your life ! If you’re thinking about booking him DO IT!!! You won’t be disappointed !
18 October 2018
— Maja G

Enlist the services of a professsional photographer for your Bachelorette photoshoot in Rome ?

In Rome, an engagement or bachelorette photo shoot can be fun and iconic at the same time. Find out more about our Bachelorette Photography.

Bachelorette Photography in Rome

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