Couples Photo Shoot in Rome

Rome Couple Photographer

Silhouette against the beatiful Colosseum
Couple photography at Trevi Fountain
Intense moment at Trevi Fountain, couple photo shoot
black and white couple photography at Trevi Fountain
Couple photo session at Forum, Rome
Holiday photo shoot at Trevi Fountain
Holiday photo session at the Colosseum

You're in Rome, or planning a few days here, to celebrate an anniversary, an engagement, or a happy event, and you're looking for a professional photographer to capture great memories of your stay in Rome. Let's face it, whether you're with your partner, with your friends or on your own, selfies do not really tell the whole story.

They certainly won't tell a story of love or friendship. There'll be no vision, no soul. Our goal is to capture your connection with each other, your love for life, and your passion for travel, with Rome as your backdrop. We'll help you crystallize precious memories of your stay in Rome you will cherish for years to come.

Our Rome Solo / Couples Photo Shoots

On all of our Rome Couple and Solo Sessions you can expect an unrivalled level of service, courtesy and effeciency.

Photo Retouching

All photos are professionally edited and corrected for colour, luminosity, contrast, highlights and shadows, colour temperature and framing where necessary. Photo-editing software will not be employed to alter physical appearances or traits of the clients.

Image Delivery

Expect an average of up to 25 images per hour. The total number of images may vary depending on several factors. All images will be delivered via WeTranfer, a great free service, which makes it extremely convenient to transfer large files.

Image Resolution

Low resolution images, perfect for sharing on social networks and high resolution images, optimized for printing, will be delivered after 3 weeks and 4 weeks, respectively, from the day of the shoot.

Express Image Delivery

Should you wish to receive both low and high resolution images within 72 hours of the shoot, do request the optional express image delivery service at the time of booking. The service is available at extra fee.

Props and the likes

Variety is the spice of life, and indeed the spice of any photo shoot. You're encouraged to bring as many as you can carry on your person. Make sure they fit your style and personality. We also provide flowers and balloons.


Rome is vast and not all locations are within walking distance of one another. Private transportation is indeed the most efficient way to get about the city. Please enquire about the optional transportation service during booking.

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Solo / Couples Photo Shoots

This gallery features our most recent Rome Holiday Photo Shoots. Use it as a reference for your choice of locations and style of lighting.

Karen & Alex
Trevi Fountain
Couple Photo Shoot
T & A
Trevi Fountain - Colosseum - Capitol Hill
Couple Photo Shoot
Colosseum - Capitol Hill
Trevi Fountain
Holiday / Solo Session
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