Karen & Alex

Trevi Fountain

A beautiful day at the Trevi Fountain with Karen & Alex, a sweet couple from the States, who picked the Trevi Fountain for its beauty and grandeur.

Karen and Alex, a sweet couple from the States, wanted their photo session to take place at the Trevi Fountain. So on a beautiful and sunny day, we met at lunchtime for an 1-hour photoshoot. The Trevi Fountain is a great choice for a photo session, especially early in the morning to avoid the crowds and the harsh sunlight. However this time were lucky and we managed to elbow your way around the fountain without

too much hassle. Karen and Alex are a fun and charming couple and great at modelling too. They were not intimidated by the crowds and not even by the pace with which I was shooting. I hear they are coming back for some more photo shoots with ShootRome, and I am very happy. We may have met as strangers but we left as friends. Karen and Alex, Rome is waiting for you, so am I.

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